Ooh, Pretty!

I got a dress.

This is strange in itself since I have never liked dresses. I’m not girly at all so it’s sort of weird to have gotten a dress willingly. But I do have a reason. It isn’t really for a celebration, more as a motivation.

So, I am 4’10” roughly at age 16 (YEAH…) and I weigh like around 130 lbs. So that isn’t good at all. Looking at it in a health related way, I am for sure overweight and this needs to change. I’ve put it off time and time again and I’ve realized that I really need to go through with it. That’s when I came up with my borderline genius plan.

It isn’t really a plan at all. In fact, it’s just going to be the very end of the whole process. I bought a dress that is in a size too small. My goal size. That size is a 5. I was going to go for a 3 but I need to give myself a super realistic goal right now. When I get to that point I will judge for myself what to do next, like if I am all done losing it and ready to start maintaining it or if I should lose a little more. I do not need to be skinny. I want to be a healthy weight. That means I need to lose about 20 lbs. That’s actually not that much considering some people have it a lot worse and need to lose in the upwards of like 60 lbs to be a healthy weight. Only in America!

So this dress is really pretty in my opinion. It’s not super fancy but it’s certainly nice.

Speechless Paisley Bubble Dress - Kohl's

I think it’s cool, anyway. So since I got it in a 5 instead of my size right now (9), I have to lose the weight to wear it. Yahoo! I needed some motivation, so here it is. It’s really the only thing I could think of.

I am not going to start this whole process until it arrives. Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday party so you better believe that I am gonna be eatin’ dat cake.

This is also why I really want to get a dog. With dogs, you have to take them out for walks every single day so that will FORCE me to get some in everyday. Of course, that’s not all I’ll do. At my apartments, we have a fitness center so I can go there, too. No need to pay for a gym membership. I’ll mostly be doing running on the treadmill and…doing whatever it is that you do on ellipticals. I MIGHT do some sit-ups since I have an app on my iPod that is supposed to train you until you are able to to 200 sit-ups. That will be a really helpful aid I think. I’m not really going to lift weights because muscle definition is not my goal right now. It might become a goal later, but once I get to a healthy weight.

This isn’t really about vanity, by the way. A little is, I’ll admit but I want to be healthy and eat things that are good for me and make my body be all, “YAY! I feel awesome!”

Kohl’s has some kickass things by the way. They have like hundreds of dresses, first of all. They just rock. I had to go there to buy a “nice shirt” which for me translates to a button down shirt with a cardigan. LOL.

Anyways, I think this “losing weight” situation is going to be my new project besides getting a dog. You see, I have many projects. (Nose Piercing : COMPLETE) I think I’ll try to update this blog once a week as soon as I start this exercise/diet thing. Who knows, maybe it’ll help someone else with their goal!