About This Blog

I’m 15 years old and I live in Washington State. I am a sophomore in high school this year. I enjoy photography, playing the guitar, and working on classic cars. And that’s honestly all you need to know. Throughout this blog, you’ll find out that I’m kind of…well, borderline insane. Ha, kidding. But not really.

I’m super dorky; the way I say things are just bizarre. I try to make jokes. Even though no one else would ever find them remotely humorous. I just like to amuse myself.

This blog’s purpose is for me to write whatever I want about anything to kill my boredom (hence the blog name).

See what I did there? Well you see, the title of this blog is Death To Boredom, and I just said the purpose of me writing this blog is to kill my boredom. So this blog is obviously going to prevent me from getting bored or cure my boredom. As if my boredom is dying because I’m killing it by writing this blog.

Well, I thought it was kinda cool.
(Told ya, borderline INSANE.)

This is not for anyone to read necessarily, just meaning that I’m not writing this to get any sort of attention. If somehow someone stumbles across this blog, I won’t mind. In fact that’s great! But that’s not the purpose.

I am most likely going to rant. A lot. Things that are obnoxious to me. Things that piss me off. Things that make my world go ’round. Things that I’d rather just slit my wrists then go on living my life without. (Ex: Bacon). I mean really, what’s the point of living a life without bacon!? That’s not living at all!

That sort of thing. I won’t be talking about lame teenage girl drama, though. That is the polar opposite of what I want to write about. Unless it’s to mock it. Then I’m all over it.

Anyways, if anyone ends up reading this, enjoy! If you like it then thank you! If you hate it, leave now. Well, you don’t NEED to leave, but don’t leave any hate comments!

Weeeellll, OKAY. You can leave hate comments. But I won’t be happy about it.

Who are we kidding here? I love hate comments. More than those lovely witty comments you find once in a blue moon. So yes, please comment all of your hatred and rage for this dumb little blog.


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