Nose Piercing – The Dreaded Bump & How To Get Rid Of It

It had been a month since I sat in the piercing parlor. I got my nostril pierced on my birthday (29 January) and everything was healing nicely. I was washing it but sort of became a little loose with when and how often. I thought that I could start slowing down with that but I WAS WRONG. So, very wrong. They aren’t joking around when they tell you it takes 6-8 weeks to heal typically.

As I got a little lazy with cleaning, sometimes only cleaning it once every day, I started to notice it change. I began to get a lot more crusty stuff. As it heals, the amount of that is supposed to reduce but it just got so gross. The, that stuff started changing color. It was a more green or yellow color. As I was told by my piercer, I used a Q Tip to push the post out a bit just to clean it but when I did that this time, pus started oozing out of it. Not a lot, but it was clear what it was. I washed it super well and went to sleep. When I woke up I went to clean it and –BAM!

There was a bump right next to the piercing. It wasn’t particularly big, so I thought that maybe it could just be a pimple. I cleaned it and went off to school. When I came back, it had gotten bigger! I still tried to convince myself that it was just a pimple. As I pushed the post out some, it was a little harder to do. I pushed a little harder and it oozed everywhere and doing that actually pulled part of the skin around it off. I began to clean it but it started to bleed. This whole problem went on for a week and by then, it would have almost engulfed the whole thing in this bump. I knew I needed to figure out how to treat it instead of pulling all the skin off all the time. And after a few days, I got rid of it COMPLETELY. There’s no sign it ever happened. Here’s what I did:

First of all, just know that you SHOULD NOT remove your piercing if you can help. It will not help, it will be extremely painful to put back in. It doesn’t need time to “breathe” so do not worry about removing the jewelry.

I filled a cup up with extremely warm water nearly to the rim. You want to get the water as warm as you can stand but don’t burn yourself. I took sea salt (DO NOT USE TABLE SALT, EVER!) and poured a little at a time. The exact measurements other people have used 1/4 teaspoon per 8 oz. of water, but I honestly never measured. I read on one website that they just put in salt until it tasted like tears. I used a little more salt than that, but it shouldn’t make too much of a difference. I took one of those half sheet paper towels and folded it up into a square and dunked it into the cup. I squeezed out some excess saltwater and put it on my piercing for about 5 minutes. Then I got a new paper towel and did the same thing. I like to use paper towels because with Q Tips and cotton balls, little fibers can get stuck on the jewelry and it could take longer to heal. After those 10 minutes I put my nose directly into the cup until the salt water went over the piercing for about 2 minutes. You do not want to wash the sea salt solution off. Take some of the actual granules of sea salt and put them directly onto the bump. I completely covered the bump with salt. You might want to do this right before you go to bed so that you can have it on while you sleep. When Β you get up the next morning, you might be able to see that the grain have soaked up some pus or blood if yours was bleeding like mine. Wash it off and clean as usual. I did this sea salt soak once or twice a day. When you push out the post a little to clean, you still might be pulling at your skin a lot. It is probably going to bleed but that’s okay.

You want to do this soak until you see that the bump has shrunken exponentially. For me, it only took about two days to get to that point but for some others it takes around two weeks. This is when I would advise for you to use Tea Tree Oil. You do not have to use it, the salt soak should take care of the issue eventually. I found that using the Tea Tree Oil at the end when it was already getting better was good because it took care of the very last part in about three hours. I put it on with a Q Tip and covered the whole piercing area, even on any area that didn’t have the bump. I went to check a few hours later and to clean it and the very last part of it popped off as I pushed the post out. It’s all better now, but I think I’m going to do these salt soaks every once in a while.

Remember that it’s not just caused by not cleaning enough. It can also be over cleaning or if you bump or pull it. It was a combination of not cleaning it enough and I got it caught in my towel which yanked at it really hard. This method really helped me and I’m sure it will help you as well. There are many other methods out there but this was the one that seemed the easiest to deal with.


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  1. Try using bio oil I have a lump on my nose and I tryed everything and my mum told me 2 use bio oil and i have been use it 4 a week and it already has gone down loads and its is Nerly gone down

      • Has anyone mentioned if the sea salt soaks made the bump more irritated, bigger, or if applying sea salt granules directly on the bump and leaving it on over night made it irritated? I notice that sea salt soaks have made the bump on my nose worse and I just wanted people’s experiences. I’m using Bactroban( topical antibiotic) on my piercing because I believe it could be infected. 3x daily for seven days. When that’s done I’ll switch to the salt granules and tea tree oil methods. There’s no blood, only a little bit of white pus, like a pimple. Love to hear thoughts!

  2. Really helpful!! Thanks so much!! πŸ™‚ Ive had mine done for 6 months, and it will be fine for a while, but then will get this annoying bump! My problem is solved though now πŸ™‚

  3. Would Epsom Salt work the same? I have had a bump for a week and its sort of getting large and I am really insecure about it. I would try anything to get rid of it but all I have is Epsom Salt.

    • I wouldn’t use Epsom salt. It has a completely different makeup than sea salt, and table salt for that matter. I don’t know how it would handle an open wound like that. I can’t say for sure what it would do, but I’m not sure it would help you. The only thing I KNOW works is sea salt. But if you end up trying it, you should definitely let me know.

    • That’s actually a great idea. A lot of people use toothpaste for clearing up acne too. I had a bad experience with it though. I have extremely sensitive skin and the toothpaste burned my skin so it’s a bit harsh for me. I’m sure people who aren’t so sensitive would benefit from it though. Thanks for the comment!

      • Toothpaste is actually a terrible idea. Would you put toothpasta on a cut or open wound? It irritates the hell out of a piercing

      • Kelly, I personally have had horrible experiences with using toothpaste. It caused burns on my face before so I’ll never do that. It has worked for other people however. I wouldn’t outright suggest anybody to try this first. I think there are other better ways. People will do what they want though. πŸ™‚

      • You can leave it on over night and then wash off in the morning. Make sure to wash it when you wake up though, it can irritate skin. If you have sensitive skin do not use the toothpaste if you can help it. My face literally had some burns from doing that. If you use toothpaste, make sure it is a regular paste and not a gel.

  4. Are you supposed to leave your nose ring in the whole time you do all of this or do you take it out while your doing it?

  5. I had the same problem for years , I got my nose piercing done in fall of 2011 and until a few weeks ago, the bump kept reoccurring ! sea salt helped but it didn’t do the trick. what REALLY worked almost instantly was neutrogenas grapefruit face wash exfoliant. perfect like a charm the bump just peeled off after washing my face with really warm water and the scrub. if anyone else ha this issue and has tried it all like me, try the grapefruit scrub!!

  6. I got my nose pierced like 4 weeks ago and I had developed a cold so I was blowing my nose pretty hard. I reckon that’s what causes it but I’ve been cleaning it and not touching it and its just got bigger. There is puss in it and its making me insecure. I don’t have sea salt I don’t know where I can get it. Plus I just bought saline solution because I ran out of the one that my piercer gave me. All I have is water, salt, saline solution and bio oil. I really need help with this like ASAP it’s getting me down and it’s getting bigger :(.

    • A few comments suggested either using Bio Oil or toothpaste on it. Sea salt can be bought at any grocery store, it’s very common. The reason it has to be sea salt is because it is not iodized.

      It won’t go away on it’s own, so I would start with using Bio Oil. Do it for about two weeks. If it doesn’t show improvement try toothpaste (has to be a regular paste though, not a gel). If THAT doesn’t work you’ll probably just need to make an effort to go get some sea salt.

      If all of this is not possible, I woukd suggest taking it out and letting it heal up. Sorry if that isn’t enough help.

      Good luck, let us know whay works for you! πŸ™‚

    • I’ve never heard if that works! It would definitely soothe it however it might not clear up the bump completely. It’s helpful with a lot of homemade remedies so it could do the trick. If you decide to try it, come back and let us know of your results! Thanks for the comment, Adriana! πŸ™‚

    • When you make up a salt wash with hot water, add a chamomile tea bag to brew for a few minutes. Once the wash has cooled a little, remove tea bag and use as a compress on your piercing for up to 15mins twice a day. Day 1 I noticed reduced pain and redness. It really does soothe and cleanse at the same time πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve been having my nose pierced for about a week and today (3 of july2013)woke up to clean the piercing and seen a bump inside my nose rite next to the piercing , it looks like little pimple. And i dont know what to do, im getting freaked out. I think im just going to clean it like i usually do, and then ask my mom if we have any sea salt bcus i dont know if we do.

  8. ok so im having this bump problem too i got mine done about a month and some ago i have alittle 7 month old and about a week ago he yanked my nose so hard that the piercing like ripped, i figured it stretched and i’ve been told if you stretch a piercing too quickly a bump can develope, so i dont know if its just this “typical” nose piercing bump or if i stretched it and its just messed up now…however on the flip side my sisters wedding is in a week and i have this pimplelike grose bump under my nose ring that im beginning to get insecure about too i might just go talk to the piercer tomorrow but i think i’ll give the sea salt thing a shot, i just need something that works FAST!

    • When your son pulled at your nose, did it bleed afterwards? If you stretched it a little bit, it would just need to heal up while you clean it regularly. There’s no way that it would be permanently messed up just because of that so don’t worry! The bump should be taken care of with the sea salt in much less than a week, so I’d say it’s your best bet. If it doesn’t get better then seeing your piercer would be good, or try another remedy people on here have been coming up with like using toothpaste.

      I wish you the best of luck! πŸ™‚

  9. It seems that I did everything that I shouldn’t.
    I pricked it with a needle, pushed, prodded, doused it with alcohol, took the ring out, accidentally ripped it.
    So, after all that damage, can I still do this?
    Do you have any other tips that could help me, considering what I did?

    • Hi, Sarah!

      I think the key for you would to just be stop doing all of that and switch to these sea salt soaks and stuff. If you still have your ring out, put it back in. If it has closed up, this bump will actually go away on its own but it couldn’t hurt to do this stuff either just to make sure it heals nicely. πŸ™‚

  10. Hello thanks for the helpful post! When you get to the Tea Tree Oil part, are you doing the sea salt soaks and then putting the tea true oil on or just the tea tree oil without the seal salt?? Thank you!

    • Hi, Rachel!

      Eventually, the bump will reduce in size so much and stop leaking with pus. When you put the tea tree oil on, you do the sea salt soak first and then put the tea tree oil on instead of the grains of salt. This is the last step and hopefully you’ll only have to do this 1-3 times before the bump is completely gone. I wish you luck taking care of that! πŸ™‚

  11. Hi
    I have got my nose piercing done 5 months back. Initially 1 month I dint have any bump. But later I got one & till now it has not gone. Whenever I use salt soak it reduces..but has not completely wiped off. Does the bump formation also depend on foods that we eat? If so which foods. Also I have heard that if d nose piercing hits d veins it does not get healed. Is it true?

    • Hi! Honestly, the sea salt soak really does help reduce but what takes care of it completely is the tea tree oil. Once it has shrunken a considerable amount, you just put some tea tree oil on that bad boy and wait for it to dry and fall off!

      I really have never heard anything about how food impacts the bump. If I had to guess, I would say it really doesn’t make a difference.

      The vein thing isn’t true, from what I understand. You can potentially have anywhere pierced and it makes no difference other than appearance.

      Hopefully this helps you. Comment back if you are curious of anything else, or just want to share what worked for you in the end! πŸ™‚

      • Hi
        I have noticed that the consumption of foods like potatoes, prawns, grams, further increased the size of my nose bump..It created puss in the bump..So I had removed all dose stuffs from ma diet…But now its been 5 months…

        Salt soak did work out for me but not def try d tea tree oil.

        If u have any other suggestions please let me know.


    • Sea salt and warm water for me. You just take a Q-tip and clean around it with that once the bump is gone. No need to soak it anymore though. I did it several times a day for a while. Almost two years later I only clean it when it starts feeling a little weird.

  12. Ive had my piercing almost 7 months and I still get one about every 3 days (I always squeeze the PUss out). I dont remember when it started but a tip would be don’t change the jewery every day and dont play with it. im still working on getting it cleared up.

  13. Hey I pierced my nose myself and after about 3-4 months I got the bump it would go away for a week and would come back and after a while I gave up on it and I took the nose stud out and now my nose piercing is closed. I want to pierce it again and I was wondering if you knew if I pierced it again will the bump come back

    • Hi, Saba! It will not come back just because you pierce it yourself. I’ve pierced a couple of friends and they ever got the bump. Just make sure you use clean materials when you do it. πŸ™‚

      The bump can be caused from bacteria, over-cleaning, or if it gets pulled. Stuff like that. It you get the bump again, just follow these steps and it’ll go away in no time! It’s not too big of a deal. This next time, just don’t take the jewelry out and everything will be okay. Remember that this is one of the most problematic piercings but the upside is it is very easy to fix the problems that frequently come.

      Good luck! Remember – CLEAN NEEDLES AND JEWELRY ONLY!

  14. May I ask, did it ever come back? I get rid of it, then a couple of weeks later its back! Wondering about just taking piercing out 😦

      • Mine never did come back, actually. I was kind of surprised because I don’t regularly clean it anymore. Once your piercing totally heals up, it won’t typically come back unless you seriously yank on it or something, but the healing time takes a while. πŸ™‚

  15. I got my bump (or noticed it) this morning. I had thought initially that it was a pimple so I popped it. Puss and blood came out so I started cleaning it will alcohol because that’s the closest thing I had nearby. I’ve been putting neosporin on it all day because I’m at school and don’t want it to get worse. But once I get home, I’m definitely going to try this! Do you recommend anything else?! xoxo

    • Hi, Amanda!

      I would suggest not using any more alcohol OR Neosporin. Alcohol is way too harsh and Neosporin has ingredients that probably aren’t great if this is a fresh piercing. If your nose is all healed I think it would be okay as long as you clean it ALL off so it doesn’t get in the piercing hole.

      Pus will probably continue to come out until it’s healed, but don’t intentionally pop it anymore and you’ll be totally fine!

      Good luck! πŸ™‚

  16. I had a huge blister or zit like bump appear near my piercing in the morning after ripping it the night before. I used tea tree oil and it was gone within a week. Two days later I ripped it again and now that nasty blister zit look alike is back. Do you think the tree tea oil will work again? I can’t believe I did it again so quickly after it healed. I’m scared it might not go away this time.

    • Hello, Jill!

      I don’t see why tea tree oil wouldn’t work again. Your bump came back because it was ripped, so it should work just the same! If it came back on its own for no reason I’d say try to incorporate the sea salt too but it will probably work!

      Come back and comment again if you get it all cleared up again! πŸ™‚

    • YAY! Awesome news! I guess some people can go straight for the tea tree oil and skip the sea salt, so that’s good information to have. Tea tree oil was too harsh on my nose personally but it’s good to see other things work!

      Thanks so much for the followup, Jill! πŸ™‚

      • I know you are asking Jill but diluting it will make it less effective, but is definitely not as harsh. If you want it gone immediately, don’t dilute it. If you want to take a longer time getting rid of it, diluting is just fine!

  17. I used straight tea tree oil, since I only was going to use it once or twice. If I’d been using it the entire time instead of sea salt I would have diluted it but it was the final BANG to get rid of it.

    Good luck!

  18. Hey.
    So I got my nose pierced about 4 weeks ago, ish and everything was fine, no pain, no pus nothing.
    Then one morning ( about 2 weeks after I got the piercing) I woke and the stud was sticking right out, like practically falling out, so I rushed to the bathroom and pushed it back in, lil bit of pain but no issue. I literally went to leave the bathroom and it was almost out again! I was so annoyed and there was no way I was gonna leave it out to heal up so I found a sterling silver stud that I had bought and put it in, knowing at least that way it wouldn’t fall out. That was when I noticed the bump, the gem bit of the stud had been hiding it so I hadn’t noticed it before.
    Well I was unaware of how bad sterling silver is and so naturally I think it was that which made the bump a lot bigger, and it began getting sore.
    I went to my piercer about 3 days ago and she was all pissy asking why I changed it and that I have to take it out and let it heal and how it looked like I had a tumor, how lovely of her!
    Anyway, there’s no way I wanna take it out to let it healed, took me so long to get it pierced in the first place. So I bought a titanium ring and put that in that night (2 nights ago). I have been doing salt baths and used tea tree oil and I’m just not noticing any difference. Mines not pussing (it did a little when I changed the ring but not since) at all and is quite hard and I’m just wondering if it’s the same kind of bump. It doesn’t seem popable at all to me :/
    Also, when you say it reduced in size do you have any idea of what size it was at all when you started using the tea tree oil? I’m just wondering if I should use that as mines not pussing.
    And my last question, when you do the sea salt soaking, do you think it would hurt to put tea tree oil in the salt water?

    So sorry for the essay!

    • I don’t know that you’ll need to take it out now that you’ve switched to a suitable metal. I’d say you should leave it be for a while and do your typical cleaning for a couple of weeks to see if maybe it’s just agitated and needs time to rest. If it doesn’t start to look better in a week or two, I’d try putting the sea salt granules right on there.

      I’m sure that putting the tea tree oil in the water would be fine as long as you’re willing to wait longer for it to heal. For me, it was not diluted at all and came right off after one or two uses if I remember correctly. The sudden strength was what helped me.

      My bump was probably as big as a standard gem that would be on a nose stud or screw. I couldn’t see pus until I pushed it up and it pulled a part of the bump right up with it. Pretty gross! Eventually the pus stops leaking out though and that’s when you can use the tea tree oil!

      For you the best thing to do would be some trial and error. Try cleaning as usual to see if it’ll go away with time or try doing what I did in the post.

      Good luck! (I like long comments with lots of detail. πŸ™‚ )

      • UPDATE:

        So I continued attempting with the salt baths and found that nothing was changing. Perhaps I was being impatient but I decided to give up on the salt water.

        Instead I began putting pure tea tree oil on once a day as well as putting Witch Hazel with Tea Tree oil on every morning and night. I bought this from boots, it’s meant for putting on your face before bed to help cleanse but I found that within maybe 2 or 3 days of doing this, (with no salt), the bump had shrieked immensely, another day or two and if had gone completely.
        I’ve stopped putting anything on it now and it’s not come back. (This was a month or so ago).
        Well I say it’s not come back but I attempted to remove my titanium ring to put a stud in, I couldn’t get it out, and still haven’t managed to, I think it’s due to the gap in the ring is quite small so hard to pull it off my nose, anyway, attempting to do this hurt my nose a bit as I had myself, my boyfriend and my mum all attempting to get it out. This caused the bump to come back the next day but I’m sure this was due to aggregating the piercing. This bump was slightly different, I managed to squeeze it and a hard lump of what I assume was pus came out and a lot of blood. I then went back to putting witch hazel and tea tree oil on and boom, next day, gone.

        I would really recommend the witch hazel and tea tree oil to anyone with the bump. I found it worked much much quicker than the salt and it was much easier to apply a cream every morning and night than to sit with my nose in salty water.

        However, I do have a question, now that the piercings all healed and no bump or anything, I’m wondering if putting silver in would be okay now? If I can get my nose ring out, id like to put a smaller silver one in but don’t want the piercing to get infected or anything… Any ideas? I did get the piercing in September and have been bump free (apart from the one that lasted a day when I aggregated my nose) for months now.

        Thank you,


      • (I apologize for this late reply, I’ve been out of town.)
        The Witch Hazel is a great tip! I have actually never heard of using it but that’s great to know, and hopefully it can work for anyone else who is struggling and wants to try something other than sea salt. πŸ™‚

        I was advised to avoid silver until the piercing is FULLY healed. If it is still difficult to remove your current jewelry, I would say it’s too soon to change to silver. When you pull it out and try to put the new one in the very first time or two, it might bleed again, which means there is a new small wound. Silver should NEVER be used in this circumstance. It will leave a permanent grey coloration around the piercing site. What I did was I changed my next jewelry to another surgical steel one which was difficult to remove and was also bleeding a small bit. Once I had worn that for a month or two, I took that one out and it was SO much easier. I put my silver hoop in and had no problems. I have no discoloration!

        Just be careful. If you are worried a bit, hold off until you feel comfortable it is fully healed. πŸ™‚

        Thanks so much for your contribution, it is sincerely appreciated.

    • Hi Kay!

      Sorry for butting into your thread! But i feel like I’m probably having the same problem as you. I read your update and saw that you used Witch Hazel instead! I really want to try this but when I went to Walgreens i saw that there was a lot of different “Witch Hazel” products. Just wondering which one you used because i really want to get rid of this nasty thing asap!!!

      Thanks! πŸ™‚

      • UPDATE!

        OH MY GOSH the salt on the bump literally worked miracles i am beyond happy i found this web page! THANK YOU so much it worked magic on my nose! I cleaned my nose regularly, did a sea salt soak with the chamomile tea inside as well and used the tea bag to put it directly on the bump for about 10 minutes, then soaked my nose directly in the liquid for another 10 minutes. Put the salt rocks over the bump, next day it was dried up and in the shower it just fell off! I was so scared to peel it or pick at it so I DIDN’T! (Don’t ever pick it ladies!) So it just came off after that! I got the bump because I didn’t want to listen and I changed my piercing like 2 weeks after i got it, WORST. MISTAKE. EVER. Please take it from me ladies, I had the worst experience with it, so listen and follow the after care rules! Thanks again so much for the advice it helped so much! πŸ™‚

  19. I NEED HELP !!!
    i have a bump right next to my nose, what do you reckon i should use on it. do i pop it or is that bad?! please help

  20. Hi there, I was thinking of giving this method a try. I have this bump on my nose but it sits under my nose piercing. its sort of like a bubble/pimple looking bump. I have had it for a few weeks now and was able to keep it hidden. Now in the past two days it is very noticeable. The bump has actually risen and has got so big that the piercing is right in the middle of it with a big bump just surrounding it. I am very self conscious about it. This bump started off little and only i really noticed it. Then it got crusty and there was little dangly bits of red skin, i started to pick of the excess skin to get rid of it. and now i am thinking i must of caused it. It probably does not help either that it sometimes gets hooked on a flannel when i wash my face. The thing i am scared about is that maybe it is not the same bump as what most people have because i went picking around it and pulling skin and crust. Also someone told me its permanent skin tissue damage and now i am worried i might never be able to get rid of it. i did go to take it off but then as i went to i saw some greeny yellow substance oozing out of it which some people on here seem to have dealt with but i dont really have the problem of it bleeding any more. Just wondering about your thoughts on this and what i should. Thanks, from a very worried girl.

    • Hi there Lauren,

      The person who thought it was permanent skin tissue damage was most likely talking about keloids. I’m absolutely no expert on everything however I think that if it’s leaking any pus as you said it has, it’s an injury, a wound and can be treated. If it was a keloid, it would just have that bump but otherwise be healthy. Bumping it a lot can aggravate it and cause bumps, so I’d say it’s that which caused it to happen. Picking it off probably just made it worse, so don’t do that anymore but I think you can totally take care of this! πŸ™‚

      I’d say try this sea salt soaking method, and even use the tea tree oil for a couple extra days as well. It does wonders, and I was hesitant at first. I just didn’t think it would work. I tried it and I saw noticeable difference in just a few days. Give it a shot! If it doesn’t seem to work within a week or two, try visiting your piercer again. They’d help figure out what to do. πŸ™‚

      Good luck! Please update us!

  21. Hi, I’ve had a bump on my nose for the last two weeks… And am currently using your method now… (sea salt is on the nose!) But I was wondering how long it took for your bump to completely disappear??

    • Hi, Megan. It took me about 3 or 4 days to completely come off if I remember correctly. A lot sooner than I expected. It varies though, so if it takes you a few days longer you shouldn’t be worried. Just keep at it! Also, if it has reduced but you haven’t quite gotten rid of it just use the tea tree oil for a few days. It wasn’t necessary for me but it could help you.

      Good luck! πŸ™‚

  22. Hey.. I’ve tried so many things.. But its just not working.. I used Neosporin n thn the bump reduced but suddenly I realized I had bump inside nose too.. Now I hv done sea salt soak one time.. N d bump has become red in color n bigger also I dnt knw wat to do..

    • I would immediately stop using Neosporin if you haven’t already. It clogs up the piercing hole. If there’s something going on inside of your nose as well, you could always take a Q-Tip and soak it in the sea salt water, then put the Q-Tip up your nostril and hold it against the bump inside. You want to replace to Q-Tip once it cools down, because the heat really helps. Mine was red afterwards, partially from temperature of the sea salt water and also because I used a large amount of salt in my solution. Keep at it with the sea salt for a while, and don’t forget to actually put the grains on at night or whenever and let them soak. If it really continues to be ineffective for you, jump straight to the tea tree oil, but since there’s a bump inside your nose, make sure to dilute it with water first. It’s really strong and when I did it, I had sort of a burning sensation on the inside of my nostril. Be careful, be diligent. If nothing works after a couple weeks, see your piercer and explain!

      Good luck!!

      • Thanks πŸ™‚
        N plz tell me.. How about using tea tree face wash?? can i use it? The bump is better from yesterday but not perfectly ok. I think it will take time. Thanx anyways. πŸ™‚

      • I’m sure a tea tree oil face wash would help, but I am not sure it is strong enough unless you really concentrate on that area for longer periods of time. Tea tree oil face washes are diluted, so it will take longer for that to heal. It probably won’t disappear over night, so give it time!

  23. After having my nose pierced for three years, I’ve gone through the experience also of having the dreaded bump. I was doing sea salt soaks & the bump did go away. However, I eventually had to buy a new ring (from Walmart) & hadn’t gotten the bump since! So I’m thinking the problem could be the top of nose ring.

    • Hi!

      I never HAD to buy a new one, but I eventually did anyways just because I was tired of the look of my original. Some say if you have a hoop style (which I have now), it can relieve the possibility of a bump. I think it’s more common to get the bump during the healing process, which is over for me anyway. πŸ™‚

    • I am no expert, but keloids are not really wounds. They have no pus, it’s just a build up of scar tissue. Usually you’ll get some sort of injury first, and while it heals it forms a keloid. If when you clean it, there is no pus or blood or anything coming out of the wound, it COULD be a keloid. These are not harmful, they are just annoying to have. The best bet would be see a piercer if this doesn’t reduce or disappear with some sort of cleaning regimen. πŸ™‚

  24. I tried the method of using, half sheet paper towels and folded it up into a square and dunked it into the cup. I squeezed out some excess salt water and put it on my piercing for about 5 minutes. Then I got a new paper towel and did the same thing. After that i put SEA SALT on my bump and it went down loads, i did this TWICE a day once in the MORNING left it for a few hours and then again put some more on BEFORE BED and left it on ALL night. Before putting the sea salt on though i cleaned my nose by using SEA SALT boiled water( cooled down enough so you don’t burn your nose) stuck my nose into a egg cup for a 2-3 minutes and left it wet so the SEA SALT could stick. I will say this has worked brilliant for me because everything else like, tea tree oil, compressed camomile tea bag in salt water, just saline solution(salt water) did not work for me, it just kept getting bigger and bigger.

  25. Ok this is awesome but mine is filled with puss like you said. But the question is do you pop it then do the saltwater or do you leave it with the puss inside and apply saltwater

    • Try not to pop it. The sea salt will draw all the pus out of the bump without having to pop it. If the salt isn’t doing its job in a few days, you caj try popping it but for now, avoid it. πŸ™‚

  26. what was the brand of the tea tree oil u used. igot my piercing in sep. and i got sick a week later so i was blowing my nose and that is what most likely irritated it. the bump showed up and i was scared i jus left it thinking it would go away. i think it did then it came back so i popped it and puss and blood came out, i jus.recently started using the sea salt soak and i think its working, so what is the brand of tea tree oil u used at the end and was it 100% tea tree oil?

  27. I was sleep and my piercing fell out. It didn’t hurt to put it back in but a couple weeks later I got my bump. I thought it was a pimple and tried to pop it and that when i noticed blood(no puss). Currently I’m using tea tree oila little diluted and aside from the smell its drying it up and is looking better after two applications. I recommend the oil but I’m going to try peroxide as well in the morning.

    • Ultimately it is your nose but I would highly advise you to stay away from peroxide. Peroxide is WAY too harsh for this piercing – TRUST ME. Just keep using your tea tree oil and regular cleaning regimen for a while. The tea tree really will do the trick. In fact, I used the same tea tree oil and sea salt treatment on my new industrial piercing to get rid of a bump I had next to it. It is completely gone after a week of application each morning and night.

      Good luck, but please be careful!

  28. Hi, im very tensed for this painful, red nose piercing bump, oozing blood and puss every now and then….
    long story short i got my nose pierced in india on 15-June 2013 through a gun which the piercer said is sterilized and what not!!! (i didnt know then that its the most horrible way to do a nose piercing) … Anyways .. so after 2 weeks changed the jewelry to a gold stud (im not sure ive seen these studs here but indian studs are very different they close with a screw and its the most comfortable and easy way to keep wearing it forever)
    Ive done everything off n on …. it decreases in size but never heals
    ive used Ocean spray, Tea tree oil, vit e oil, coconut oil, but sea salt soaks i started very religiously after reading this blog and was so happy to see the results in a week that it was drying up from outside puss became very transparent instead of being thick, the bump inside also seemed better not gone though …. but then i had to go to orlando for a week, and wasnt able to do sea salt , i saw it drying up and then again went back to red and oozing little blood when i clean my nose in the morning

    i dont have any tattoo shop near by, but i went to 2 tattoo places in orlando and both told me to take it out … because it wont heal because its been so long !!
    i dont want to lose my nose piercing but they really scared me for what im doing by keeping it!!!!! 😦 😦 😦

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can anyone help me …
    i can post a pic if that wud help, ive tried everything ….like literally have seen youtube videos so many times and doing what they say .!!!! not that im doing each and everything altogether but ive tried everything for few days to see what works for me …. but seems like nothing does !! 😦 😦 😦

    i hate to lose it …… but there isnt any other way i believe 😦

    one more thing, when i got my nose pierced ive had lot of trauma to the area so many times… because i have a 14 month old who just wants to cuddle with mommmy πŸ™‚ (so it has been better then bad then worst then better!!! but now its just a whole red bubble which has engulfed my stud from outside with a scab in the center oozing puss and blood every morning evening i clean my nose)


    (sorry for sucha long story but idk … thought its important to tell all this )

    • I apologize for this delayed response. I really do not see that it is necessary to remove your piercing. Usually you don’t have to unless it is being rejected by your body.

      I would really suggest just getting back on your sea salt regimens. What might make the difference is using sea salt and tea tree oil at the same time. What I mean is, do your sea salt soak and then adding tea tree oil to it right after. The tea tree oil will not usually take care of the bump alone, it needs to be cleaned with the sea salt as well. The tea tree oil doesn’t actually clean it.

      I also have an industrial piercing and I had a bump form next to that as well. It is very common for all cartilage piercings to have a bump form. I did sea salt soaks and tea tree oil applications often and the bump literally disappeared in a week. I made the mistake of over cleaning and continuing to use tea tree oil after it had healed. I thought it was a good idea to keep using it a few extra days but I was WRONG. My skin got so dried out all of it became scaly and I had to slowly pick it off.

      I just include that because overcleaning can be just as bad for your piercing as undercleaning or trauma. πŸ™‚

  29. This was very helpful! But idk if it’s the numb that you had b/c this one has like yellow stuff in it ready to pop so I’m not so sure ? Also, my nose ring keeps getting stuck. Like, it always makes it hard for me to pull it out as if the skin is maybe growing around it or something ? I thought it was cause of the nose ring so I changed it help!

    • This is what I experienced. When I would push up my nose ring, it would be sort of hard to push up, and it would actually usually take that top layer of skin with it. This will happen until it is healed, and shouldn’t be worried about too much. Don’t change the piercing any more until it is completely healed again. Changing it while there is an open wound especially aggravates it and prolongs the process. I feel like if you follow the advice given in the entry and even some of the comments it will clear up. the way you describe it sounds very similar to what I dealt with.

      Good luck!

  30. I got a little bump on my nose after few days of piercing . I have consulted a dermetologist she said that i have got a keloid on my nose and it will take a long procedure for the treatment. She suggested to flattened it witn the injections but it will require number of sittings and each injection will be given after 21 days.

    I got nervous after hearing all this. I getting married in 10 days. This treatment is not possible to undergo.

    I am so tensed and confused what to do or not.

    Please suggest something which will cure it in 10- 15 days .

    Thanks in advance

    • Honestly, I don’t have too much experience with keloids, but I know that the method described in this blog post will take care of it either partially or completely. Most bumps happen soon after getting the piercing, and I am actually surprised your dermatologist said it was for sure a keloid this early. Just try two sea salt soaks a day and put some grains of sea salt directly on your piercing and leave overnight. Also, add tea tree oil (dilute it with water if you want, for some it is too strong straight) to the bump after you do your sea salt soaks. Using this method, my bump was gone in less than a week.

      Good luck!

      • Hi… thanks ….was checking out ur blog like krazzy for the reply
        Ok so ive been doing seasalt soaks and putting salt to it since last week now finally I can see my stud shinning inside the pit (literally a pit ….my bump is the worst it engulfed the piercing n became a bubble all over like u can nt even tell there is sth inside because from outside it looked like a bubble bad pimple gross!!!)
        Im not sure it will ever go away 😦 not to be pessimist but ive been to this stage couple of times I see the stud and then 3-4 days it hurts when cleaning n we go back tp square one 😦
        Trust me im not exaggerating

        And tea tree oil was sucha hit when it was a small bump, I tried teatree last 2 times n it started oozing puss again n became so im just massaging the inside bump and outside surrouding area with vit e oil wid q tip
        Please suggest if I shud b doing sth differently

      • What I can suggest is keep at it, until it is completely gone. Even when there is pus, continue to do sea salt soaks. Honestly what got rid of the pus for me was putting actual grains on the bump and leaving it overnight. The salt actually soaks all the pus up and you can rinse it right off. As long as you keep it up regularly, it should totally go away. It will most likely still be tender even after it is gone. Just continue sea salt soaks (tea tree oil is no longer necessary after the actual bump has gone away) and you’ll be fine! πŸ™‚

    • Hi sheetal…. do the salt soaks which people of this great blog suggest…. it helped mme immensely my bump went away completely (the early u do sea salt the better it is)
      I wish I knew how important it is in my initial healing days 😦 ….sadly I left it as is because it felt like sucha work every day specially when u hava toddler in the house πŸ˜€
      Anyway I think urs so new to b infected or keloid or sth big like mine!! So definitely will suggest to the advice uve been given here…. Trust me this is the best blog for helpful,kind and prompt advice for bad nose piercings
      G’luck for ur weddding girl πŸ™‚

      And thanks to all u wonderful people here πŸ™‚

    • Aspirin paste is a good way to heal piercings. You put one aspirin in a little bit of water, and let it turn into a paste and apply to your nose. Worked for me.

  31. I have a nose ring and it has pulse and the bump is REALLY big and it bleeds .. How can I get rid of the bump? It really gets on my nerves

      • Hi viking
        Update abt my hideous bump—
        Undoubtedly it went down alot and again im just doing sea soaks n vit e oil massaage surrounding area outside n inside nose to the inner bump ( yesterday n today morning I just cudnt do it) ….i was so tired n just cudnt stand n do all that n thought it wont make a huge difference but seems like I was wrong…. it looks as if its trying to engulf again on the piercing ….earlier t0 yesterday I cud see my stud shinning with 4 if not the five corners I mean I hav a pentagon kinda star shapped indian yellow gold stud…anyways so I was outisde in cold windy chicagoland n now back home scared tht all my sea salt hardwork went invain kinda feeling 😦

        On my way back home I saw a jewelery shop in the mall…the girl there had multiple piercings including nose …so I wwet upto her n asked if she can tell me if I shud change to a smaller stud ….n there she goes telling me if shed be me she wud go homen take it out n let it heal!!!!!!!!!
        So…. this is now the 3rd person telling me thtmy nose will only heal if I take it out 😦
        She said if I wanna keep it I shud put those plastic transparent ones(if im not wrong they r acrylic) in my nose because thats the last thing tp cause any reaction …. n stay away from any metal till it heals!!!!!!

        Please please please tell me wht to do now!!!! Ive lost hope tht this damn thibg will ever heal !###!
        Saddd!!!! 😦

      • Please stay away from ANYTHING acrylic at this time. This is NOT good material to use on a healing piercing. Metal is the only material you SHOULD have while healing. It is the easiest to disinfect. Honestly, this girl at the mall may not have experienced the bump herself and if she is working at the mall, it’s a safe bet she is no expert. With this regimen Syed, you really must be diligent. Every morning, every night. It seems like a lot of work but just move it into your schedule! Making time is important, it is your health after all.

        I could better help you if you detail exactly what you do while cleaning it. Walk me through your steps; maybe you are missing something OR maybe I can suggest an alternative for you! I just need to understand your regiment right now.

      • Yes, this forum is active! I apologize if I have time in between my responses, my work schedule is insane these days. I’ve been extremely busy but I apologize. You need your answers and I will do get back on top of answering them.

  32. Does Body Shop tea tree oil works ? this is urgent bc i can’t seem to find it in any other place. Thank you so much for the tip btw

    • Hi! What you want to look for is 100% tea tree oil that can be diluted with water. If The Body Shop has 100% tea tree oil, you are set! If that is all you can find (some drugstores carry it and also health food stores will as well) you should absolutely try it! πŸ™‚

  33. hi viking …. i really appreciate your reply … thanks πŸ™‚
    you really give me lot of hope!

    ok let me tell me what do i do exactly (sorry if this goes very lengthy)

    I dont clean my nose asa i get up in the morning because of time constraint (im a stay at home mom of a toddler whos with me all day) so i kinda clean it by afternoon or so …or sometimes just before going to bed !! so its once or twice/day

    i put salt in a cup like i dont measure but itll b like half or little more tsp, mix with warm to hot water and soak my nose first with paper towels and then take fresh water with salt again n put my nose directly into the cup, after that i clean my nose with a dry paper towel and spray some h2ocean on the piercing.. lastly i take a q tip massage the surrounding with vit e oil and then do the same massage to the inside bump.

    (honestly viki im telling u it was alot alot better but then i didnt do it for a day and it started looking a bit red surrounding area …. i did yesterday the soaks and when i was doing the inside bump, the q tip kinda pushed the bump upwards and that when i started to feel pinching / tingling pain and the next day its more red and again looking as if its gonna became a bubble, and when i cleaned my nose today there came a dot of yellow puss from outside) …So all this makes me think if i do sea salt soaks and if for some reason i dont do a day it goes back to being the ugly thing it is …!!!! it just doesnt make sense … y cant it just heal !!!
    is it because of my gold stud im wearing ?????? i told u my history… i changed it to this gold stud in india after 3 weeks of piercing and since then i got a bump and never knew it was this serious 😦

    one more important thing … im kinda researching on the metal and i read gold might cause irritation or infection and the safest is titanium, ill post u the info from the link …. now im searching for titanium stud on amazon and i cant find it …. there are $9.99 ones … which im not sure is titanium titanium G23 (Ti6al4v-ELI) !! please give me some info on this too girl ..should i change or not ??? what if gold stud is the culprit which doesnt let it heal ????

    Please see the link below

    And the link below is about the different metals for body piercing … and im not sure what would be best for me … like titanium , PTFE or bio flex ??????

    i know ur very busy viki but i would really appreciate ur help
    Thanks again !

    • Thanks for the detailed report, it helps a lot!

      Here’s a few things to think about:

      -You do a lot of soaks at one time, it might be too much at once. For example, you might want to cut one thing out. You could maybe try shooting for twice a day with cleaning. One time cleaning could be just the paper towels soaked in sea salt water and then rinsed with regular water. That would be all you’d need to do for one cleaning. Then another separate cleaning hours later could be actually immersing your nose in the sea salt water. You could probably stop using H2Ocean altogether!

      -Try putting the actual grains of salt on the bump. If your bump still has pus, this is important.

      -Maybe make your sea salt solution a tad stronger. Unless you have reason to believe you shouldn’t be adding more salt, it could do some good. Try tasting the water; if it tastes about as salty as your tears, that’s the ballpark you want to be in.

      I understand your concerns with tea tree oil. It can be on the expensive side! It could be worth trying again though, because if you alter your cleaning schedule, it might just do the trick for you. Everyone’s body responds differently so what I tell you may not 100% work for you. I sincerely hope it does.

      Wow, I had never heard of any problem whatsoever with gold. You could try changing it, but if you try changing it, I’d advise you to stop if it hurts you. A little blood is actually okay but anything painful should be avoided. The best metals I’ve used are surgical grade steel. Must say SURGICAL STEEL. This is the metal they use for implants in our bodies so it is not often that you have a reaction with this metal. Titanium is fantastic. It is the most comfortable metal for me personally.

      Some people say that switching from a nose stud to a nose hoop/ring really relieves them of pressure and pain – is that an option for you?

      Again, if you try removing your stud make sure that a) you have cleaned your nose and the surround area AND hands with anti-bacterial soap and b) that you do not continue to take it out if it begins to hurt. It might be wise to just try this new cleaning regimen for a while before moving to that.


      Anything else you need clarification with or any other questions? πŸ™‚

      • thanks a ton! … will try to do what ur saying and update in a week (i feel like i need a miracle cream or sth) … and im sorry i forgot to tell that when it started getting better it was because i was putting salt grains on it at night (which i found it via ur blog) and i stopped doing the grains part when it felt all dried up and flaky !

        now as of today …. its again a bubble which looks like having puss in the center and the surrounding area is pinkish red same as before (the bubble is so much that u cant see that i have a studd in … its like a little ugly ball on my nose 😦 … i hope i made sense telling u exactly what it is like !!
        Wish i can send a photo to u for better explanation 😦

        Correct me if im wrong … Titanium u said is the best so that means i shouldnt be going for bioflex or PTFE ??? right ???

        Please if you can tell me where should i be buying the G23 Titanium F 136 stud or ring ??? cuz i checked on amazon it doesnt say the specifications of Titanium and it comes around $9.99 so i was thinking is it the right titanium .. like shouldnt it be more expensive ?? i mean i dont know, havent bought titanium before in here so i have no idea about what is what !! sighhh ***

        Thanks again

      • Bioflex is a plastic material and I’d recommend not using anything other than metal. I buy my nose studs from usually. I have never gotten a titianium one from them, just surgical grade steel. I’m positive they have titanium however. I would not worry too much about it saying G23, most listings will not include this. Anything that says “Titanium” is fine, UNLESS it is plated. Amazon does have titanium studs, and most should be fine. Make sure it is actually sokd by Amazon amd not a second party if you can. This will be more reliable. You also, for the time being, might want to avoid any jewelry with like an actual gem on it because this allows bacteria to thrive in the crevices and you’ll never be able to fully clean it.

        I understand not wajting it to dry completely out, but honestly what you need to do at this point is just get it GONE. If it becomes dry and flaky, don’t worry too much about it. You can address that after the bump is gone. Once you have no more pus, tea tree oil should be added to your regimen.

        I really hope we can salvage your piercing! I am hoping we can avoid having to remove it. πŸ™‚

  34. im not using TEA tree oil, the one i bought from amazon im kinda skeptic abt it …. so am thinking to get a new one from walgreen tomorrow, but i wanna know from u … that if i should use it or not because the last time i used tea tree oil ..didnt work well for me !!

    • Is it still getting bigger or has it started reducing? It cam fluctuate in size for sure but if it’s not improving at all after a week you might need to change up your regimen slightly, maybe skip ahead to just tea tree oil for a while.

      • i only did one day haha i know i should have done more but i was scared it would get worse. i’m using tea tree oil rn but it’s only 15% so i’m pretty sure it’s not gonna work. i’m really desperate, i have tried a lot of things but nothing seems to work. do u have other place where i can contact you and show you pics or smth?

  35. hi viki …. im about to email u the pictures, and i just did the soaks as u told me to do without h2ocean and just once not more at a time !
    i got tea tree oil from CVS, now kinda scared and nervous to use …. there was pus coming since morning like whenever i cleaned my nose today(Actually i have seasonal allergies and sneeze quite often, also havta clean my nose every now and then so the pus comes out whenever i havta clean a lil bit)

    The pus is not that bad and that much as earlier, anyways after the soaks again now i can see my stud shinning in the pit … and the pus flap which was dried up came off very easily in the paper towel ( too bad i didnt take a snap of how it looked …the whole bubble story u know!!!! but im emailing u the pics so just think of a dried layer covering the shining stud ur seeing now was a closed bubble !!)


  36. I got told by my peircing place to use hydrogen peroxide solution to burn it off. The Keloide will stop on it’s own once the wound heels completely.

    • Honestly, this is NOT a trustworthy piercer. The fact that they’d give you directions yo use hydrogen peroxide show they aren’t being a responsible person. Hydrogen peroxide should NEVER be used on a piercing – EVER. I would suggest steering clear of that establishment of that particular piercer. They are wrong to give you that information.

      • Hi viki …. im not sure if I’m already rushing onto the conclusion but this is exactly the same bubbled red-pink bump as it was… just that its slightly smaller from inside …. im not sure if the salt halts it for a day or im just being too exhausted of seeing it everyday …makes me think if the gold stud which has a very thick stem and back screw is the actual culprit of not letting it heal 😐
        Just wanted to update … im yet to order titanium as I wanted to give this one a shot but seems like I shud go ahead n try titanium now .. and im sorry but just wanna confirm u said any titanium would do ?? I shudnt go with the grade n all right?
        I feel really really exhausted of doing the salt soaks everyday twice n still not getting any great results so far … may b im rushing but its just disappointing 😦 … but hey u know what… I had like fresh bleeding from inside bump when I was cleaning like some capillary broke or something ..never happened in these 8 months off n on trauma ….so I thought may be its gonna heal n the inside looks less swollen…
        Not that im giving up on this πŸ™‚ but just wanted to update n know what u think

        Thanks alot for ur time n help
        Its really very kind πŸ™‚

  37. ive just done the salt routine … and applied vit e with tea tree oil (from cvs) …. it looks exactly same to me ..and i guess im doing sea salt for quite sometime now 😦
    … the inner side again looks little swelled but not sure
    Hoping to see some improvement tomorrow morning !

    And now surfing like krazzy on amazon i really dont know to go for a L shaped or straight titanium stud !!!
    im scared to put in the hoop , so was thinking wouldnt it be easy if i just havta put a straight stud in ?
    Please suggest which one to go for


  38. hey … desp need ur reply

    my nose was looking so much better till last night, i could see the whole stud with its five corners sparkling …. i dont think i did anything different last night, i did soaks and applied tea tree (cvs brand) to the surrounding …. i guess i did little bit in the actual center too (NOW WAS THAT A MISTAKE ??? )

    I NEVER put tea tree or vit e oil in the center where the studs head is, i mean i only apply to the surrounding bump!!! So today morning it was more red and i just did the soaks and still is red with a pin point of pus (n did i tell u the inner is bleeding every now n then and looks as if its getting better from inside but again it always goes back to where i started ) 😦

    Please viki, if ur reading my posts let me know asa u can …. should i take it out at this point because i have ZERO HOPE that it will completely get better ,.. because it was again more red and kinda lil bit swelled up today morning

    So, my whole point is …. this happens everytime !!! literally everytime !!!! it becomes so much better that i think OMG MY BUMP WILL GO AWAY SOON AND ITLL LOOK PRETTY !!! BUT BANGGGG !! the next day it gets red and very little puss comes out .. !! n it stays to the same state !!! never heals completely !!!!!

    I havent ordered the titanium one … because im still confused and scared that who the heck is gonna bear the drama of taking this one out and puting the other one in !!! i dont even know how will i do that !!!!!! nor do i have the courage of doing it !

    Im just so exhausted of this piercing !!!!!!!
    Let me know please what do u think of this whole situation now


    • My nose ring did this all the time when it got irritated with something I would do. This method worked for me once my friend told me about it. Try doing the sea salt and water soak then crush up a 80mg aspirin and add water to it. Apply the aspirin to the bump before bed and put a small band aid over tip of it. By the next morning you will see a result but within a few days the bump will me gone. After the bump is totally gone I would just say take the piercing out. I finally took mine out because I was so sick of getting the bump.

      I hope this works for you like it did for me!! Good luck!

  39. I got mine done and it showed up right away. this was because i would snag it and even ripped it out a couple times. so i went back to who pierced it was told sea salt. i used it like they said didnt help. so then i did research and was sering asprin paste so tried it no such luck. tried tree tea oil, lemon juice. even went to dr who gave me a cream never helped. so dr removed it came back. at his point it was well over a yr so i got a new dr who told me the ring was too snug againest the nose and i might be allergic to the metal. so she told me to get a hoop and a stud but titanium. i never tied the hoop but did stud and ive had it in three days now and bump almost gone. never did anything elsr but change ring. might be allergic to the metal.

    • Titanium and surgical grade stainless steel are really the only suitable materials for nose piercings. Some people can get away with gold but not everyone.

      I have had no problems whatsoever since switching to a hoop. It really helps. I am very happy your bump is almost taken care of! πŸ™‚

  40. I’ve had my nose pierced for about a year and a half and just decide to take it out. I hated having it in when I got colds and it always got irritated when I would bump it or blew my nose. I found when the bump would form after irritation to the piercing I would crush up a baby aspirin or 80mg aspirin and form a past with water and apply it to the piercing site over night. Within two days the bump is totally gone. I would first clean the site with sea salt water then put the past on. Im telling you the aspirin truly works like magic. It thins the blood in the bump so it goes away faster. Over all I would never get my nose pierced again because of constant hassle.

  41. I got my nose pierce 2 months ago and while showering I was washing my face and snag my nose piercing and about a week later a bump appeared I have been using the sea salt and the bump goes away but it comes right back. How do I make it go away for good? I also tried the asprin but the bump is still there can anyone tell me how to get rid of this bump. I even mashed it and blood can out but it still won’t go away no matter what I do.

    • Hi Doris!
      For me, the sea salt soaks reduced the size of the bump but the thing that really did it in was the tea tree oil. I’d try that next! I know it can get frustrating but rarely will the bump be a permanent fixture on you. πŸ™‚ Keep trying!

    • You can, but I wouldn’t use it straight up if you plan on using for an extended period of time. People use it especially to help with acne but if you use it as a face wash undiluted, your skin will dry out in a very short time. That’s my experience anyway. It was fine for maybe a week or two but after than it dried it out a ton.

      So, ,just dilute it with water if you do! Maybe try 1 part tea tree oil and 3 parts water or something like that first.

    • I personally used it straight from the bottle, but some people choose to dilute it because it can become harsh after a while. Mine cleared up the first day I used tea tree oil so I wasn’t too worried about harshness.

  42. Well my small little bump is still there by my nose ring hopefully it will go away soon. Do I need to bust it or just let it go away by itself?

  43. I have the red bump thingy 😦 Im really scared. Since at the moment, I dont have sea salt, I was just wondering how would I use the toothpaste method? Ps this post actually comforted me sooooo much! So thank you πŸ™‚

    • Hi Monique! All you’ll want to do it take a bit of toothpaste and put it on top of your bump. Cover it completely. Leave it on over night amd wash off in the morning. This method is very hit or miss. Make sure if you do choose this method that you use an actual toothPASTE. Gel toothoaste will not work. It has to be paste. This may work for you and it may not but I’d give it a try!

      I’m glad it’s helped you! πŸ™‚

  44. Is there a certain type of tea tree oil to use or can you use any kind? The kind that I have is call 100% pure Australian tea tree oil. Is that ok to use?

  45. Hello! This was super helpful and worked great for me! I’m now 2 days pass the bump going down but now I still have a little raised part right under the piercing and every time I clean it it bleeds. Is that normal? Should I continue to just do the salt soaks and tea tree oil?

    • Mine bled for a while, amd does happen with some people. I’d keep going! As long as it isn’t super painful you should continue with it. Soumds like yoy are near the end though, that’s great!! At this point if it has shrunken significantly and is much smaller than before, you might just be able to try straight up tea tree oil on that for now. πŸ™‚

  46. Hey, Viking I have been using the tea tree oil and the bump went away but it came right back. This bump is getting on my nerve’s it goes away but keep coming back. Can you tell me why this is happening?

    • Hi Doris,

      I’d like to jst get some information first.

      1) Once you finish using the tea tree oil, do you continue to clean it regularly (2-4 times per day)?
      2) Is this a new piercing?
      3) Did you bump or tug it to cause the bump or did it just come naturally?
      4) Are you using 100% tea tree oil or are you diluting it with water/using a product that has other ingredients?

      I definitely don’t want to give you bad advice or the wrong reasoning so it’d be great if you could just update me with this information! πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much!

  47. I got my piercing in January. One morning when I was showering I snag it on my wash cloth after that the bump came I was using the sea salt twice a day then it went away and came back then I started using the 100% tea tree oil twice daily then the bump went away then came back again. Sometimes I forget to wash my hands touching the nose ring because it feels like I have a booger in my nose. Lol. But I will still use the tea tree oil until it goes away and never come back. And no I’m not diluting the tea tree oil.

  48. I got my piercing in January. One morning when I was showering I snag it on my wash cloth after that the bump came I was using the sea salt twice a day then it went away and came back then I started using the 100% tea tree oil twice daily then the bump went away then came back again. Sometimes I forget to wash my hands touching the nose ring because it feels like I have a booger in my nose. Lol. But I will still use the tea tree oil until it goes away and never come back. And no I’m not diluting the tea tree oil.

    • Hi, I apologize for this delayed reply, Doris!

      It sounds like you’re doing what you should be. I know it’s really difficult to keep your hands off without washing your hands. I did it as well, it’s challenging. All you can do is try, haha! The only advice I can give is to just continue with the tea tree oil and sea salt soaks until it’s gone, and even when it seems to be gone, just continue with an extra few days to be sure. It’s frustrating, I know! Just keep at it!

      Good luck, Doris!

  49. Ms, Viking I answered your question can you please tell me why this bump keep leaving and coming back?

    Thank You so much.

  50. Whats up this is kind of of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use
    WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with
    HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted
    to get guidance from someone with experience. Any
    help would be enormously appreciated!

    • Hi Leon! WordPress is excellent and I would highly recommend it. You do not need any coding skills that I’ve found. I have never needed to. There are tons of ways to customize your site without needing to be able to code. I have limited experience withcoding myself but find it quite easy to use WordPress or Blogspot or whatever! I personally do not pay forthe service but if you choose to you get a lot more options for your site and can haveyour own web domain name without the “.wordpress” but I’ve had no use for that so far.

      Good luck with your blog! I hope I helped! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Amber! If you took it out, you can try to put it back in but depending on how long ago you had it pierced and how long it’s been out it may or may not go back in. If it’s a new piercing still healing and it’s been more than an hour or so, your chances go way down for it going back in painlessly and safely. I’d say you can try putting it back in, but if you feel a lot of pain, stop and let it heal close completely. You can always have it re-pierced!

    • Well, generally you want to keep the nose ring in for about 3 months, but if it isn’t healed, then the amount of time isn’t really important. The time is 3 months because that’s how long it takes to heal usually. If you still have the bump after 3 months, you still should not take it out because it isn’t healed. If you were pierced with titanium or surgical grade stainless steel it shouldn’t be an allergy. Sometimes having a hoop rather than a stud helps relieve some pressure but I’d think about switching it out as a last resort sort of deal.

  51. Hi, my piercer told me that the bump can also come from make up getting on the piercing. He told me not to wear any make up till it healed. Of course I didn’t listen and I accidentally got makeup on my piecing. I quickly washed it off, a few days later I noticed the bump, my piercer said if a bump was to occur clip it with nail clippers, that seemed way to harsh, so what I did was washed it with dial gold soap(that’s what he told me to use) then got a safety pin and heated it under a flame and poped it, it blead and pussed a lot, I put alcohol on it thinking it would dry it up, it helped for 3 days but then it came back so I poped it again, then put saline salutation on it(that’s another think he told me to clean it with) that also worked, well so I though. The annoying bump keeps coming back! In fact I have one right now. I think I’m going to try the satlt water thing and see if that helps. All halls comments have helped a lot. Thank all of y’all for the advice!

    • Nail clippers?! Wow, that person is not to be trusted with that advice. I am so glad you decided not to take that route. If you did that, it might go away but you’d for sure have a scar for life and there would still be a possibility of it coming back.

      Makeup is only bad because it clogs your healing wound. You can absolutely use it as long as you don’t get it in the piercing. I really hope sea salt soaks work, and I encourage you to try putting tea tree oil on it near the end. It does wonders. Please let us know what worked for you! πŸ™‚

  52. I seriously cannot thank you enough for this post. THIS SAVED ME. I had a zit-like bump pop up Monday morning, it got bigger Tuesday, and today (Thursday) it’s almost complete gone. I followed exactly what you said and it looks a MILLION times better. I just have one question. Ever since I got the bump and did the soaks, my piercing has felt really tender. Before, I had no pain at all. I don’t know if maybe it’s just sore because of the sea salt soaks or what, but should the tenderness go away soon?

    • Hi Jen! I’m so glad that this helped you out! πŸ™‚

      To answer your question, yes it will most likely be tender. Mine was tender and sore and red the entire time I was clearing the bump up and is normal. Not everyone has the tenderness but it is nothing to be concerned about! It will clear up and stop being tnder probably a while after the bump is gone!

  53. OK my daughter is 12 and she got her nose pierced.its been two months she has had it.I would say two weeks after getting it she has this bump inside the nose next to the hole. We have tried a couple things but nothing is working. First we tried the aspirin crushed up and put on ,tea tree oil and of course the salean cleansing and now the rubbing achole. Please help.thanks

    • Bumps are difficult on the inside, but really you should just follow the exact same process as explained above. I would stop using rubbing alcohol right away if I were you. Also keep in mind that this piercing is not healed yet so with time it will possobly get better by itself. Sea salt SOAKS are very important.

    • I actually put the actual sea salt on the bump inside my nose, left it on there for two hours and then cleaned it. And I did it every day for three days mines is completely gone now.

  54. Hey I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. I was so worried that the bump would stay there forever or even worse get bigger. But with your instructions it has already reduced in sized in just one day! πŸ™‚

    • That might be the case if it is an open wound, yes. If it isn’t, that’s a little strange but I don’t believe it’s going to harm you. You will definitely feel discomfort throughout this process anyway since it isn’t exactly healed!

      • Still slightly open yes. I’ve been struggling for more than a week with little change using table salt. Read recently using this is a big no-no. Does the two salts make a huge difference? Thanks for quick response

      • Yes, the sea salt is completely natural while the table salt is iodized. It’s too harsh and in your case is most likely why it hasn’t helped. I am glad to hear that it hasn’t gotten too much worse! I would switch as soon as possible. πŸ™‚

    • Iodized salt is too harsh, it is not natural. Sea salt is safe to use on your body. If you used it, I don’t think it would even work. I could be wrong, but it isn’t as safe. If you are doing 2 soaks a day in addition to putting salt grains on your bump, that would be too much for your skin.

  55. The Sea Salt works WONDERS. I got my nose stud about two and a half months ago and got lazy with cleaning. It’s my first nose piercing and I didn’t know what to expect. It’s gotten caught on things by accident tons of times and I didn’t know that could cause a bump. It started getting crusty, but I thought that was normal so I did nothing about it. Then a few days ago I noticed a small bump that just got bigger each day and was red. Then the day before yesterday, it started to puss! I was scared and found this webpage. I immediately started the sea salt soak as well as dabbing with a salt soaked paper towel. I also put sea salt on it and slept with it on. This morning when I woke up, the bump has gone WAY down and there isn’t puss anymore! Just one day of sea salt and it’s almost gone! I’m so relieved. Also, try and wear less face make up for the time being if you can. I think that has helped me. You don’t want anything to further irritate it while the bump is going down. Thank you so much for this webpage!!

    • I am so glad it has helped you this quickly! It’s such a simple trick that prevents many headaches. That is a good point about using less face make up. As long as it isn’t right in that area, make up is okay. Just don’t want that clogging up the wound!

      Thanks so much for your comment! πŸ™‚ Good luck to clearing up the rest of the bump!

      • For the last couple of days I’ve just been dabbing with the wet paper towel during the day. How often should I be soaking? After your bump went down, did you continue to soak daily?

      • I soaked mine twice a day. Once when I got home after classes and once before bed. After it healed, I continued to clean it but I did not do soaks anymore. Just a quick clean.

  56. I had to comment on this because it helped me out so much! I had tried the aspirin paste & the camomile tea but neither worked as well as this. So relieved I don’t have to deal with that embarrassing bump anymore.

    • It looks sort of like a pimple, maybe a bit smaller and may or may not have visible pus from the outside. It starts relatively small but grows without proper cleaning and treatment.

  57. Hey.. So, this morning I got out of bed and went to clean my piercing.. I’ve had it about four months.. and I noticed the “dreaded bump” anyways not thinking it was nothing more than a pimple.. I popped it and when I did my jewelry that I was pierced with fell out and in my sink drain.. long gone.. so, I put in a surgical steel one that I had bought from Claire’s a little while back. Do you think that stud will be ok or should I go get a better one? Also, my bump bled a lot when I popped it and is still very red. I’m trying the sea salt trick tonight, tho.. hopefully it will work. Thanks for your tips.. looking forward to your reply.

    • Hi Amy! If you have no metal sensitivities or allergies you can keep that one in since you have had your piercing for 4 months. It should be healed for the most part. I would try not to aggravate it too much amd just leave it alone for a bit. Yes, titanium and surgical steel are both better but don’t sweat it for now unless a new problem arises! πŸ™‚

      Good luck!

  58. THANK GOD. I have been looking for days on solutions to the bump and came up with nothing. Like a week ago I got my nose stud caught on my shirt and yanked it half out my nose and then a couple days ago I notice this bump! And I just had it pierced on the 8th so I’ve been scared it was infected but just as I suspected it was because of the yanking. imI’m starting sea salt soaks tomorrow morning! I want this ugly thing gone. THANK YOU!

  59. I’m stumped mine is still here after a week. I use sea salt every am and pm and after the pm application of sea salt I then will put the tea tree oil on and go to bed. I had a bump inside too but that’s healed up but outside is still there. It happened all of a sudden too. I mean I was pierced in January then changed it because the earring was bothering me not being gold so I put in a better quality earring, felt better, no bumps but after a month of that I really wanted a hoop in so I ordered a hoop from the same quality place and ordered a white gold hoop but ordered the wrong gage so my piercer tried it but said it would not work aft that my nose was really sore so I got the right size gage she put in the new hoop and left it roomy so that it could heal and it was fine for a few days then all of a sudden a bump appears out of no where on top of the piercing. dam thing won’t budge?

    • You certainly agitated it more than is recommended but as long as you keep up with cleaning it should be okay. Are you putting actual grains of sea salt on? I left the grains on my actual bump and then once the bump healed a bit I started using tea tree oil.

  60. I got a bump about 5 days after my nose ring got accidentally yanked out by my face cloth. Treated it with salt solution for weeks without it making a difference. Also tried tea tree oil, which shrunk it quickly and then flared it up again.
    I did some research and figured out it was hypertrophic scarring (not nearly as severe as keliods). Treated it with a topical corticosteroid (such as Dovate ointment) and it cleared up completly within days!

  61. I used sea salt when the bump first showed up after 3 weeks of getting it pierced. It went away completely for a week and now its back. I’m using sea salt now but will it really go away now? I had to change my hoop to stud the 4th week cuz I had a job interview and right after that is when the bump came back on the 5th week. Should I use tea tree oil instead? Do you think I’m irritating it too much?

    • I’d say it was very agitated from being changed so much so soon but now you just need to leave it alone. Continue to clean it, and make sure to put actual grains of sea salt on there at night. You can try tea tree oil but I think it is best to use it towards the end of the process. Keep up the constant cleaning and don’t give up on it. πŸ™‚ Good luck!

    • For me, my skin is too sensitive for the toothpaste. It has to be a regular white paste, gel does not work. SOme people have better luck with one or the other. Sea salt is natural and worked extremely well for my problem.

  62. So I tired the Sea Salt spray for awhile now and it’s not working so I went out and got Tea Tree Oil do you think that will work ?

  63. I have been doing this for two days and have tried many other methods but this one worked the best. In the two days of using this method it has gone down completely and you can barely see where it was!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us otherwise I would still have the bump!!!

  64. Hello i got my nose done about 4 weeks ago then i noticed a bump around my nose ring so i took it out a couple of day’s ago and i did what the guy told me to do is clean it 3 times a day with warm salt water and it seems like it’s not going away please help me figure out what to do i really miss my nose ring, is it to late to put it back in and try doing something different to clean it

  65. Thanks for this blog! I used sea salt and I noticed a massive difference although its been over a week now and it still wont shift! Should I carry on with the sea salt – when is the best time to use tea tree oil?

  66. hi i dont know if this is still active or not, but i got my nose pierced around 3 weeks ago and i had the bump last week but with your steps its gone now. I’m starting a new school year in a few weeks when i start it will be my sixth week of having my nose pierced. My school have a strict piercing policy and they WILL notice my stud if i keep it in (even if it is small), but i do have a small bioflex flesh coloured stud, but i noticed you said that anything not metal isnt good and i dont know if my piercing will be fully healed by then, i dont know what to do because i really dont want to take it out and let it heal, any ideas?

    • Sorry for the late reply. Only metal should be used until it is completely healed. This takes usually about three or four months. Bioflex is not the best idea. I’d advise you to wait until next summer and get it repierced then so by the time you get back in school, you can put the bioflex in. πŸ™‚

  67. Thank you so much for this tip!

    I have had my piercing for about 4 months, and it has gotten irritated a few times. Once I put a fake gold hoop in it, and overnight it had gotten stuck and it remained stuck for 2 days. I tried everything and the only thing that worked was coating the area with vaseline, including the inside of my nostril. I noticed one day that I had a very small bump rght near the hole, but I didnt make a big deal of it. The next moening it had gotten considerably larger and the center was deep purple and it was full of pus and blood. Gross. I put witch hazel on it and I poked it with a needle, and it didnt really do anything besides irritate it more. I found this blog post and immediately went out and bought some sea salt. I did the method a little different though.
    I gently washed the area with a small amount of soap and lots of water. I put salt and water in a bottle cap, and I tore off a small piece of paper towel and rolled it up to form a small ‘cigarette’, and I put a little bit of the solution on my nose and cleansed it to make sure there was no blood leaking or pus. Then I directly put my nostril in the bottle cap, it was perfect and it didnt make a mess. Just make sure to breathe through your nose because it stung when I accidentally got the solution in my nose. After I held the water on my nose for about 2 minutes, I dabbed a few granules of the salt directly on the bump and went to bed. I woke up today and the bump had completely dried up and now i am going to wait for it to fall off. It was pretty gross but sometimes these things happen when you pierce your body.
    I have had my nose pierced twice, this being the second time. My best advice is to never freak out when something goes wrong. Alcohol and witch hazel can be harsh, saltwater is probably the best. Ask someone to help you or consult the internet or a professional. When my hoop got stuck, I became stressed and I kept pulling at it and it got extremely sore and irritated. Vaseli e worked like a charm. It is painful nonetheless but it works.
    This comment is wayy too long but thank you againfor the tips.

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  70. When you put the sea salt grains directly on the bump and leave overnight, are they ground sea salt grains as the ones I bought are not ground ones which I am us Ng to desolve in the hot water to bath first? I have been reading all your tips and I too am going to try the tea tree oil and witch hazel as I got the bump after 2 and half weeks of having it pierced even though it has healed apart from that 😊

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  72. My nose bump is around 4 months old:p it grows after few days again n again… I removed my nose pin n my grand ma told me to put neem stick in it istead any jewelry.. M in worst pain since,. Again n again itz getting bigger n den smaller with a pus…. Plz guide me will ur suggestion help me too?

    • Jaspriya, this is the best way to get rid of a bump that I know how, and works with most people who try it. Follow these steps and I am very confident it will turn out well for you! Just make sure not to remove the jewelry that you have until your piercing is COMPLETELY healed! This can take 3 months! πŸ™‚ Good luck!

      • What solution do you regularly clean your piercing with because I use soap and water now and I didn’t know if using the sea salt solution would irritate it?

  73. So I’ve had my nose peirced for about a month now and just today noticed this “bump” issue. First I noticed that my piercing was sore, then I noticed the pimple-like bump. This literally happened over night. I accidentally popped it, and a ton of puss and blood came out. I immediately went online for answers and found this feed. I pretty much have all the information I need from this page and I am currently doing the salt soak. My only concern is this- is it normal that after the bump is popped that it looks more like a blister than a “bump”? I keep reading this word, “bump” and it leads me to believe that I should be seriously worried…my bump is blood red and more like a blood blister in appearance….

  74. I have literally just recently gone through the dreaded bump! I still have it a little bit but it is so much better and all I’m using is VITAMIN E oil. I put drops on a q-tip and then dab it onto the bump. I Made sure it was completely covered in the oil and wiped away any excess I got around it. I did that about 2-3 times a day. The last time being to leave it over night and within 3-4 days it’s basically gone and looking wonderful πŸ™‚

  75. OMGosh!!! THANK YOU!!! One thing you should know is that I have lupus and with the meds I take, have a really hard time healing and am prone to infection. I just got mine done about 2 months ago and I saw a bump on Monday. I already have two BIG keloids on my right ear from an infected industrial so when I saw the bump on my nose I freaked out. I did EVERYTHING on this post including making the little “salt scab” for overnight and this morning, it was GONE!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

  76. Thank you so much,
    When I first got a bump it was a little under a mounth after I got my nose pieced. At first it was small but it got bigger than I started using tea tree oil and that didn’t work as well as this .

  77. OMG!!!! I am having the same problem. I got my piercing like 5 weeks ago. I have had a could as well it getting snagged on my face cloth! So that maybe be the case. The bump popped so there is just a little blood here every now and then but I see a small pus pocket!! I’m scared to death but will try what you said and see how it goes!! Thank you!!

  78. so the top coat on my bum came off and I was fixing my nose ring when it started bleeding like crazy , can I still do everything you said even though its kind of like an open wound in a way ???

  79. I wish I would have found this 3 weeks ago!

    I tried applying aspirin powder mixed with a little bit of water as my first attempt to get rid of the bump. I couldn’t see a pimple so I thought it was not an infection. Aspiring didn’t really work out too much so I got impatient and tried to squeeeeze the hell out of it. I didn’t see any pus-like material coming out, only blood, tons of blood. It got smaller but it was still there. The next day the skin on top of the bump fell off. Once that happened I started doing salt with water every night for 3 days and the bump was almost gone on the top but I could still fill it inside my nose.

    I was so happy because the bump was gone but I wanted to continue with the salt and water so I did it…. and I accidentally pull my ring off wit the cotton ball (again I wish I read this earlier)…. it hurt so much putting the ring back in and I could feel how the bump inside of my nose started to get bigger.

    I put water and salt and then covered it in aspirin hoping that this bump doesn’t exponentially grow over night after messing it up putting the ring back in. 😦 I am buying the tea tree oil tomorrow.

  80. I just want to say that you are honestly an angel sent from above lmfao like you have no idea how much you have saved my life I’m 17 years old and whenever my mom isn’t feeling something I try I have to get rid of it if I didn’t read this soon she would’ve had me take my earring out and I would’ve had to pierce my nose again thank you so much omg my nose literally started to heal the next morning

  81. Oh my gosh you described my bump/crusties/puss situation so accurately! I was cleaning my nose piercing earlier and noticed that my bump had in fact goten more noticeable to me and it has been oozing (I’ve been slacking a little and cleaning it not so often) but my first thought was the sea salt soak! I put it in warm/hot water and on a Q tip and rubbed it around the area and the bump for about a minute and I’m going to focus on submerging and soaking the actual piercing tomorrow like you did. I’ll try this out and let you know my results! Thank you for the information, and I hope this works but I have no doubts it will!

  82. Thank you! I read somewhere that if you mess with the skin and try to get rid of it like a pimple the infection can get into your blood and become fatal but now that i know you were in the same situation i feel a lot better and more comfortable to deal with it

  83. Thank you so much for this post!!!! It saved my nose piercing. I was at the end of my wits ready to take it out as it was no longer cute but more of a decorated eyesore lol. I did exact what you posted and no joke s day later and it’s 90% gone!!!!

  84. I’m trying this from today. I’ve had the bump for about 6 weeks now and so annoyed and worried that it’s not going away. The ocean spray is not working though I’ve been using it diligently. I hope this does.

  85. I would suggest using asprin . Ik when i got my first bump i tried soo many soaks and only the asprin worked. All i do is I crush up one asprin tablet and then add just a little bit of water maybe like five drops of water and then mixing it with a Qtip. Put it on and around ur piercing before you go to bed and then clean it off in the morning. Keep doing it for a few days and you should see the bump going down.

    • What I mean by that is that I take a Q-Tip and use it to push on the post from the inside of my nostril, which will kind of expose more of the bar on the outside to clean. Does that make sense?

  86. I got my nose pierced a little over a month ago and I have a bump on the inside and outside of my nose. I have had it for 3 weeks and I have been doing sea salt soaks once a day and just started to do it twice a day. The bump is not getting any better and it recently got bigger. Sometimes it will bleed (not too often and not a lot) sometimes there will be yellow/orangey crusty parts around the nose ring. It is red. I try not to move it too much but since it’s a hoop it does move a bit when I clean it on the inside. And I’m guessing at night when I’m half asleep my nose will get itchy and I’ll itch around it.
    Just wondering if this is going
    To be permenant? How do you
    Know if it’s a keloid, infection, or pressure bump? These sea salt soaks aren’t working and my
    Piercer insists that its all that I can do. I’ve read many articles online and my piercer told me not to use tea tree oil or aspirin paste when I asked.


  87. Hello
    My name is velma I just sent u an email. I had my nose pierced last year November in India, I do business there so I went back there and I did receive piercing because the first ring was too thin. I used gold and after about about 4days I I started getting some thickening around the piercing it got bigger and started reading about these bumps I ve done lots of home remedies and all of them help the bump come down abit and then up again I few days. There is slight pain when u press it down and small clear water in the bump that will not dry out, I’m scared to pick it and don’t wanna take the ring. I’ve done the sea salt soaks and missed with asprin and put it on over night ones but it made it sore and so I didnt repeat it. I’m kinda confused don’t know how to go about thus and I just hate this bump. What I do is I clean with tea tree oil like 3 times a day and apply bactroban ointment so it doesn’t get infected. And still not seeing any change. I have sent u a pix of how it looks please check for me and get back to me asap. Waiting!thanks

    • Hi, Velma! I’ll copy this to your email so that everyone who visits this blog can read my response as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive your picture but I think I know what you’re speaking of.

      First off, I would stop applying Bactroban. This product isn’t being recommended for piercings any longer. It doesn’t help with healing, and any sort of ointment will actually slow down healing time. Your body will heal it, but you need to keep it as clean as possible. I would definitely stop using that. Some people never have a problem with using it however it might be what is contributing to your problem. And yes, DON’T pick at it. But it will become tender and sore possibly.

      Next, any sort of aspirin treatment is something I would remove from your remedy. What we are trying to do is use a treatment of sea salt soaks only until the very end when you use tea tree oil to do the last bit of drying. When you mix the sea salt soaks, you really want it to be the right amount of salt to water; the idea is to recreate the natural pH that your body has naturally as that will help heal you in the most gentle way. 1/4 of a teaspoon in 8 Oz. of distilled water and warm that up! Then to address the actual bump, we just stick sea salt right on top. To draw out the liquids whether it’s blood or pus or that clear liquid (which is actually just part of your body’s healing process but too much can build up).

      Also, I would take out the tea tree oil completely until you’re confident the bump is nearly completely gone; the purpose of the tea tree oil is just for the end where it basically just causes your bump to flake right off. But it has to be dried out FIRST. πŸ™‚

      It sounds like you have something different than what I spoke of before because it doesn’t sound like you have pus or blood. But I think keeping your treatments basic as I’ve explained, it will help you. If you have it, maybe the fact that they pierced your scar tissue isn’t helping the healing? Time will tell. Nose piercings take a long time to heal anyway.

      Hopefully this will help you, Velma. If nothing helps, your other option is to just take it out, and let it totally heal for a few months. Not probably what you want to do but you must make sure you’re healthy. πŸ™‚

  88. I have had my nose pierced for just over a month and the other day I noticed that I had a bump forming on the side of my nose piercing. Two weeks after I got my nose piercing I took my nose ring out for an interview. I know that it a big no-no. When I put the nose ring in again I didn’t clean it, another big no-no. After a couple of weeks of having the piercing I slacked off on cleaning. I guess I was naive and thought I was out of the woods of any infection, but clearly I was wrong. I have been doing the seasalt soaks along with tea tree oil. Last night I put some grains of sea salt on my piercing and this morning when I woke up there was a lot of yellow crusties around the piercing. When I went to clean it, it started to bleed. It was not bleeding before this point. Is this normal? I love my nose piercing, but this bump makes it look so unattractive!

    • I’d say that this is normal. Mine bled for sure. And same with me, it hadn’t bled until I started this process. But it will stop bleeding as the bump comes down in size. πŸ™‚ Are you seeing any progress yet?

      • I started doing the treatments last night and it seemed to be getting a little better but it got inflamed after I took a shower. I am just going to keep doing the treatments and see how it goes.

  89. Thank god I found this post. Mines not infected, but there is definitely a bump at the hole…and it seems to be getting slightly bigger. I have been doing the sea salt soak since I got it pierced (about a month ago) but, I have forgotten a couple days here and there. I have accidentally tugged/bumped mine pretty hard a couple of times. Just recently it’s been getting more crusty and I try not to pull it off if it feels attached–I don’t want to tear healing skin. I have the tea tree oil, so I’m curious to see if this ugly bump goes away before it gets any bigger. Thank you so much for such a detailed and informative post. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  90. I got my belly button pierced and the same thing happened. The solution worked well with it too thank you so much.

  91. I’m back on this platform again. My name is velma. I brought my complain about my redirecting and the bump that never vanished. Finally it’s all gone and clean. It was a though one. I went through alot but with the heavy Seasalt soaks I’m so fine now. I did soaks like 2 times a day and when I’m going to bed I pump a large sum of the salt on the bump till morning. Gradually it went fairly down and then I introduced camomile teal soak at night and apply the sea salt and go to bed and do the Seasalt soaks in the mornings. Weekends when I’m home I do soaks like 2-3times a day. Within one money of doing this and not missing even a day of it. All bump and blackness has cleared and after this treatjent I’m now using tea tree oil to clean up the place like twice a week. So I will say u have to be consistent with it done miss it anyway if u gave a bump and Seasalt soaks and camomile bag really work. I combines break the teabag and apply the raw soaked tea in the nose for like 5 mins before I go to Bed I’m free now and enjoying my piercing. I’m not taking my ring out until one year cos I want a proper healing I won’t interfere with it so it heals well because I really suffered to get it down

    Peace out

  92. I’m back on this platform again. My name is velma. I brought my complain about my repiercing and the bump that never vanished. Finally it’s all gone and clean. It was a though one. I went through alot but with the heavy Seasalt soaks I’m so fine now. I did soaks like 2 times a day and when I’m going to bed I pump a large sum of the salt on the bump till morning. Gradually it went fairly down and then I introduced camomile teal soak at night and apply the sea salt and go to bed and do the Seasalt soaks in the mornings. Weekends when I’m home I do soaks like 2-3times a day. Within one month of doing this and not missing even a day of it, all bump and blackness has cleared and after this treatment I’m now using tea tree oil to clean up the place like twice a week. So I will say u have to be consistent with it done miss it anyway if u have a bump and Seasalt soaks and camomile bag really work. I sometimes break the tea bag and apply the raw soaked tea on the bump for like 5 mins before I go to bath I’m free now and enjoying my piercing. I’m not taking my ring out until one year cos I want a proper healing I won’t interfere with it so it heals well because I really suffered to get it down

    Peace out

  93. Hello, I’ve had a bump on my piercing for nearly 1 1/2 to 2 months now after yanking my piercing on my glasses. Do you think it’s too late for it to heal? I’ve tried to read through any of the recent comments to see if anyone else had one for as long as I have and I went through nearly all of them before just deciding to leave a comment myself.
    I have done sea salt soaks once or twice now but I haven’t done it religiously and I have slacked on the cleaning unfortunately.
    I just got it on April 9th so it is still fairly new.
    After yanking it it bled for about 2 weeks before I spoke with the guy at the piercing shop. He recommended that I clean the “crusties” off and all the blood 4 times a day and if it started bleeding after cleaning it to take a cotton ball soaked in the H2Ocean spray and hold it on it until it stopped bleeding.
    It hasn’t really bled or gotten pussy since, but the bump won’t go away
    I haven’t attempted to change the stud yet but I have taken it out because it was so caked in blood that I couldn’t get it all off. That was over 2 months ago.

    • Hi, Mikki ! I don’t think it would be too late to try to get rid of it. Though it might seems pretty healed at this point, if you do go through this process it may make that bump on your nose irritated and the surrounding area a bit sore. You’re trying to get rid of it though, so that’s expected. Don’t worry too much if this happens. I think the tea tree oil will be the most important part for you, since it is already sort of healed over. I would still recommend do the salt soaks, however.

      Go ahead and try! See if it does anything for you after a few days. I think it helps, even with healed piercings. I have a keloid on my ear from a cartilage piecing gone wrong, and this has been really helping even with that. I don’t think yours is a keloid, I think the surface has just healed.

      So, try this method for a week, don’t take your jewelry out, and see if it’s doing anything at all! It won’t hurt to try. πŸ™‚ Let me know if you want to know anything else. It woukd be great to hear any update you have too if you choose to try healing it this way!


  94. Hi…I know this might be a little late since the post is from years ago, but I just recently got a bump on my nose ring and I Googled it and it all mostly came down to a keloid. I was wondering how you could tell the difference?
    (BTW just started using your cleaning tips lol) I’ve been using sea salt spray and just cleaning around it but now I’m soaking. πŸ™‚

    • Hi!

      I actually have a keloid on my ear from an industrial piercing mishap, and what I’ve noticed is that it’s more like a scar. It’s technically healed, but it healed improperly which results in a bump or uneven color and texture. I’m by no means a professional but I believe that’s the difference. The nose bump is typically from trauma or not cleaning properly, too little, or too much. It’s not healed, it’s a wound.

      Easiest way to tell is if there’s any pain. If it hurts, it is not healed, so you can still do something about clearing it up. Also, if there is pus or blood. Those are all signs it’s the nose bump.

      Good luck clearing it up!

      • Well using your tips it had gotten better so I do not think it’s a keloid but it hasn’t gone totally away. It’s been about a week and I started using the tea tree oil but it doesn’t really do much. I was wondering if you do the oil after the soaking twice a day? Or on its on? Thanks for replying means a lot..

      • Doesn’t seem like a keloid then! I would say that I most likely did the soak right before the tea tree oil but it has been about 4 years. I remember that was the final step though, and after just a short time it just fell right off. I did not dilute it either. The salt soaks really did most of the work for me, and putting grains of sea salt on really pulled most of the pus and blood out. The tea tree oil really just did the last bit of drying.

  95. I had to comeback and tell you this blog saved me! I had pulled my nose ring really hard with a towel while drying my face-just forgot it was there and was only 2 weeks old. I had a gnarly bump that looked like raw hamburger spewing puss. I was devastated that I had wrecked my face. I was cleaning and putting acne cream on hoping to dry it up. No luck just kept bleeding and looking raw. I did everything you said and in TWO days the bump is almost gone completely. The salt soak dried if up and it fell off the bio-oil and tea tree oil have healed it. It looks completely normal again. I now do a light saline cleanse and follow with tea tree oil and bio-oil every morning and night and try not to touch my face or yank it with a towel Haha! You are an angel!

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