Nose Piercing Update

For those of you who care, I’ve had my nose pierced for three weeks now! It’s been quite an adventure so far.

So to begin, when my mom picked me up the Sunday I had it pierced, my dad then suddenly said that if it gets infected, it’s gone. No exceptions. So that freaked me out a little bit because I normally have the worst possibility happen to me with situations like these. So I was like, damn. I don’t want to take it out! I like it a lot! So I have to clean it every 4-5 hours for 3-5 more weeks. I’m starting to get really lenient about this. Like today I only washed it once. BAD CALLAHAN! It’s not getting infected, though. That’s a good sign. And I’ll admit that I keep touching it to make sure it’s not sticking out. I’m trying to stop doing that because that’s so nasty. If you didn’t read the last post about this, Craig my piercer told me that the bacteria under your nails or on your fingers is equivalent to an infection in your butthole. Since he told me this, hand sanitizer has become my best friend.

In about 5 weeks, I can take it out and exchange it if I want. I don’t know if I will. I might just take it out so I can see how it goes back in. Nose piercings close up extremely quick so I’ll have to do it in a timely fashion. Pshh, I’m up for a challenge. It might bleed when I do it though. It’s fine though. I’m not afraid of blood. I just don’t like pain much. Who does, besides masochists? That’s some weird shit, by the way.

I’m having a small problem with the jewelry though. The part that’s inside my nostril keeps like flipping around and sometimes come out the bottom and you can see it. It’s very annoying. I think it’s slightly too big. Or too small. I have no idea.

Anyways, things have been running smoothly. Once I thought it was getting infected because there was a bit of liquid coming out of the hole when I was cleaning it but it’s okay, nothing happened past that. I think it was just a little discharge. Nothing to fret about!

I did have the misfortune of being sick with it in the first week. It was less of a mess than I thought it would be. You blow you nose as normal. Then you clean it. You have to make sure the whole post is clean though, nothing stuck on it. Easy task.

It’s not as hard to take care of it as you might think. I’ve had no really big issues. I don’t see any in the future either. Well, that’s all for this update!

This is a photo of my nose piercing.


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