I Want A Dog!

I really, really do. I have since we had to give our dog away years ago because my dad was frustrated with him and he didn’t get enough attention. His name was Darby. He was a Black Labrador Retriever. He was so great. We used to lay our heads on his belly when he was sprawled out on the floor. We called the “Puppy Pillow”. Well, he was way too big for me, I was just barely taller than him when we had him. I was sort of scared of him because he was a young dog and he didn’t really know to be extra gentle with a little tyke like me. He would just jump all over me and whip me with his Tail of Doom. He didn’t mean to hurt me, but I just couldn’t be around much to play. We had another dog for a while at the same time, too. His name was Chief. We all SWEAR that he had some sort of mental retardation. Well, he ate an electric toothbrush so…. He was a sweetheart though. I felt so bad because my dad was not nice to him, he always got pissed because one of his ears stood up and the other flopped down. He was a German Shepherd.

Well, it’s been so long! Around 8 years since I had a dog, and I have to say that I miss it. With the little contact I had with these guys, I loved them so much. I weeped when we gave them away. So here we are, approximately 8 years later and I sense that there’s something missing. I have one pet cat, Roxanne, but I really don’t care for cats. I don’t mind if they’re someone else’s at someone else’s house, I just don’t want to own any. I feel like they don’t offer anything. They need a litter box, they won’t listen, you can’t really play without being threatened with a nasty scratch or bite that kills a lot of people per year by the way. They just kind of suck. But dogs are a whole different animal. *Buh dum tss* They will play games with you like fetch of tug of war, they go to the bathroom outside, you can teach them tricks, you can tell them what to do and they listen (well-behaved ones, anyway), and they are extremely loyal and committed to their family. What more can you ask for?

I’ve tried to ask my mom to let me get a dog before but I was never persistent so she didn’t take me seriously. About a year ago, she got all excited about dogs and started looking for them. I quickly jumped on it and took over the research of adoptable pets in the area. I showed her like 10 very good options but she never took it any further. Then I was supposed to write a persuasive essay for school and I gave my mother three different options. She chose the topic of “Let Me Get A Dog”. She still made no further comment. I thought if I brought it up again, she’d think I was pestering her and I didn’t want to push her over the edge and appear immature.

So now it begins again. I did research all week long for dogs and I found one that I absolutely LOVE. I brought it up to her just today and I said, “I found a dog that I think we should adopt from a shelter. :)” She tried to deflect but I grasped on harder and she’ll have no choice but to give me a straight answer. No reply yet, she is probably asleep already or trying to get my sister to sleep. It’s doubtful she’ll answer me tonight but she sure as hell better tomorrow or I’m bringing it up myself again. She won’t be able to slip through this time!

My plan is to just play it simple. I have a particular strategy for this: make it easier for her to say yes than no. I’m hella good at getting people to do things a certain way so I hope it works out. I’m going to present my essay to her for the first time tomorrow. These are thoughts I wrote a year ago and they haven’t changed in the slightest so I do believe there’s some weight behind it. It will show her that my feelings haven’t changed and this is still a very real desire for me.

She isn’t too worried about my young 3 year old sister getting attacked. My grandma’s dog who is the most violent creature on this planet is even sweet on her, so no convincing needed there. The kind of dog I want doesn’t really shed so hairs everywhere isn’t an issue either. We just got rid of one cat so I think the expenses won’t differ too greatly. She’s told me before that money isn’t an issue. I’m starting to think that the may become a reality. Then again, that’s what I believed a year ago, and several times prior to that.

Deep down I know she wants to say yes. I just need to work for it.


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