Such A Stud! – Part 5


Today (Jan. 29th) was my 16th birthday! I woke up quite early (9:30) so I could have a very eventful day. I did most of my celebrating other days this weekend so not much happened today.

Friday I drove my aunt and I up from Redmond to Everett and went to dinner at this Irish restaurant and bar place called Shawn O’Donnell’s. It was really fantastic. Not just the food but I loved the atmosphere so much. It made me feel like I was at home, even though it’s not like I’ve ever been to Ireland. We had this waitress and she has two dermal piercings on her chest, a nose piercing, her ears pierced in like four different places, and the spot right under her eye pierced. So this made my dad ask me if I still wanted my nose pierced. I was just thinking, “YES! Jesus, I’ve been waiting on you this whole time dude”. So he asked her if he should let me get my nose pierced. She immediately said yes. So my dad asked her why. She explained that if he let me get this now there’s less chance I’ll go crazy with piercings later. She had asked her parents for her bellybutton piercing but they had said no so she had her friend do it like a month after that. When she finally turned 18 she just went overboard and got like 12 piercings in 2 years. Well, of course my dad didn’t want that so…HE SAID YES!!! After that great news we went home and I had this kickass birthday cake. It had Swedish fish on it. 😛

Then came Saturday. I got to go to REI and get new camping gear. A new sleeping bag and backpack. So rad. Plus there was a really cute guy that helped us out. BONUS! My grandmother came over and we went to this really cute barbecue joint. It looked kind of run down when we got there but the food was SO GOOD. It was like edible heaven that I got to ingest.

And then: MY BIRTHDAY!!! This year by birthday was on a Sunday. LAME! But basically I got up and went to breakfast. We went back home, watched some episodes of House, and then my dad said that I could get my nose pierced right then. I was so excited but really nervous. We had to drive around a bit before we found a place that was open. And now I will describe to you my experience:

We were driving around Everett and we finally found one shop that was open. It was called The Everett Tattoo Emporium. It was pretty small and looked a bit suspicious from the outside. My dad went in to investigate and waved to me signaling it was all good to go in. I walked in and part of the shop was under construction but they still had part of the place available for use. The man who pierced  my nose, Craig, was really awesome. He was very clear with everything and wanted to make sure I understood everything before he pierced my nose. We signed the paperwork and went ahead with it. He brought over his little surgery tray thing with the jewelry, needle, Q Tips, dye, and that weird tube thing they stick up your nose to keep from the needle piercing anything else. I watched while he sterilized the needle and everything. He definitely didn’t waste any time. He cleaned my nose, put a little dot of dye to mark where he was gonna pierce, had me go check if that location was okay, and then I sat down in the chair thingy. He bent the nose jewelry so that it looped to fit my nostril. I decided to go with my right nostril to get the piercing in. He stuck the tube right up there. I felt a little prick when he set the needle on my nose and he told me to breathe in deeply. I exhaled and he stuck it through. Then he fed the jewelry through and it was good. Now let me just say, anyone who says it hurts a lot is a big baby. It pinched but it didn’t HURT. Maybe I just have a high pain tolerance. Doubt it. Anyways, my eyes started to water. Craig said that it happens with nearly everyone. He cleaned up the blood, and that’s when I started feeling light headed. I felt myself drifting away. It wasn’t the sight of blood, this just always seems to happen when I get a needle stuck in me. I sat there for like three minutes and waited to feel better. Craig put alcohol on my forehead to somehow cool me down or something and I was back to normal before I knew it. He gave me the smallest bit of water after. He let me chill there for like 5 minutes. Then I got to check it out in the mirror. I was impressed! You could still see the dye but that would wash off of course. He gave me an aftercare sheet and went over what to get. Basically he told me the Saline Wound Wash from Walgreens was PERFECT. I have to clean it every 4-5 hours. He said don’t touch it with my fingers because “the bacteria on your fingers right now is the equivalent of the bacteria in an infection in your butthole”. EW, CRAIG! To be fair he did warn me that it was going to be nasty. He admitted he was trying to scare me so I wouldn’t touch it. Hey, whatever works, Man. You can be sure I won’t be touching it now! I can’t take me jewelry out for about two months. That’s fine by me.

It’s been about 11 hours since I got it pierced and it’s a little sore. That’s to be expected though. I’m due for another cleaning in a hour. Everytime I yawn it kinda moves it in a weird way that doesn’t exactly feel great. But it’ll heal in time. Mostly it just feels bizarre. I can see the light reflecting off of it sometimes. I was planning on getting one with a jewel on the end but Craig said I couldn’t for the first one, the jeweled ones have too many cracks and areas for bacteria to get in. I’m not bothered by that. It still looks good. 🙂

I’m very pleased with this whole experience. More about it tomorrow!


Whoa! It’s 2012!

Well I’ll be. It has actually become a new year. Everything in 2011 is now in the past. There will never be another 2011. We are moving into our nice little year 2012.  The last year of our lives.

Well not really. You’d seriously have to be mentally retarded to believe that. And I do believe most of these psychos are.

Buuuuuuut anyways. What’s happened in 2012 for me so far? I was asleep when it became the new year. I had allergies so I took some Benadryl and it made me über tired, so I went to sleep at like 10 and woke up at 2. I was just like, “Ohh. It’s 2012. I missed it. *whispering to myself* Happy New Year, me!” I just went back to bed after that. Well, two of my family members had their birthdays. I went back to school. Yippee! I sprained my ankle. Got accused of vandalizing my school bus. Hmmm…I think that’s all so far in the last 6 days. I sense this year will be eventful.

NOTE: This was written much earlier this month but for some reason I never uploaded it. So here you go!