So, for the past year I’ve had the HTC HD7 Windows Phone from T-Mobile.

Teh suck.

Now, I’ll admit that the little kickstand thing it pretty tight, but I didn’t use it. Like ever. All that kickstand ever did for me was that it was something for my fingers to open and close in my pocket when I was super bored. Not to mention when the phone was leaning on it, the phone wasn’t even that balanced. It was just a waste. Most people with Windows Phones will tell you that the phone itself blows. They’re pretty cool at first but then it slowly starts to dawn on you that it is actually terrible. It doesn’t DO anything, and while the marketplace is allegedly expanding, do you really want to wait around for a phone to get apps or get a phone that already has thousands?

So for Christmas, I asked for a better phone. My favorite phone. It just recently came to the US.

So choice.

DAYUMMM! Look at that. Behold the Samsung Galaxy S II. You might notice that it has an 8 MP camera, the best that phones have these days. Maybe you are thinking that I’m spoiled for getting two new phones in the same year, and you know, you’d be right. The only thing I can say to make it perhaps a little more reasonable is that I got the HTC HD7 for free. Because I have connections. Well…my PARENTS have connections, so that means that I have connections, too. But whatever.

I love my new phone. It’s Android and GORGEOUS. The screen is spectacular and it is really very simple if you take a little bit of time exploring around on it. I don’t know about you, but that’s my favorite part. I just love finding the cool little things it does that nobody told you about. I have this cool LIVE wallpaper (which pretty much means your wallpaper is less like a photo and more like a constant…video?) that’s Matrix themed. It’s the raddest thing ever. I would recommend it in a heartbeat, for real. I am definitely on Team Android rather than Team iPhone.


(and all other phones)


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