Such a Stud! – Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.


Well hello!

It’s been a while. Actually it’s been less than a week so I guess it hasn’t been that long since the last entry. But it’s felt like an ETERNITY! And I’ve felt like I needed to write something here for a few days. So we’ll start with this.

This is a progress update on my quest to acquire a nose stud (DORKY!). And I DO have some news.

It was odd. I talked to my dad on the phone I think a day or two after posting the last entry. I guess I expected him to mention something about the whole conversation we’d had. But it was sort of a surprise to me when he didn’t mention it. I thought maybe he forgot about it, which is a silly thought considering this is the man that kept insisting I had a whole pack of socks that he bought me. 6 years ago. So I figure if he can remember a pack of socks that long ago, he can remember a nose piercing just shy of 48 hours prior. Nevertheless, he did not bring it up.

I realized if we weren’t going to discuss it via cell phone we’d surely get this conversation running when I saw him on Friday when he picked me up. All ride home, I anticipated the moment that he’d start talking about it. But it never came.

Bizarre. Maybe he DID forget about it.

Saturday morning, we (my father, stepmother, baby brother, and myself) went to breakfast at this local restaurant Bob’s Burgers and Brew. We sat down and 5 short minutes later out waitress comes to our table and by the powers of the universe and just plain old luck, she herself HAD. A. NOSE. STUD. When I saw it, I knew my dad did, too. I was positive, for real this time, that we would discuss it that day. THAT HOUR. Frankly, I was pumped. I wanted to know what he thought. I’d been waiting to know. I didn’t bring it up myself because I honestly don’t believe pestering and nagging your parents for something really makes them want to do something for you.

At the end of the meal, he started telling my stepmother about what I’d asked him for. At first she thought he was joking but she soon realized it was anything but a trick. He asked her opinion on the situation, and her response was:

“To be honest, I think that I have nothing to do with this. That’s something between you, Callahan, and (my mom). I appreciate you considering me but it’s not my place to say.”

Astounding. She was actually mature for once and did the right thing. YAY! Score 1 for moi.

My father said, “Well, if it was anybody else, what would you think of it?”


She said, ” The only thing I have to say is you must keep it clean.”

DAMN, GIRL! You’re, like, totally on my side! 😀 (I knew she would be, considering she has her bellybutton pierced and two tattoos, but I didn’t expect THIS much support.)

So I think I MIGHT actually be able to make this happen! Basically if my stepmother says something’s good my dad will agree with whatever it is and do it. Sooo, I’d say I’m pretty much in the clear.

This makes me a Happy Panda!

Weee! Happy!

UPDATE: Basically the only people my dad can attribute nose rings to are “emo losers” or “hookers”. So I’m not sure which one he’s saying I am. I sincerely hope the former, if any. -_- And I thought I was making progress! (12/20/2011)


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