Disease Paper

In school, we’ve been working on a project for about a week. It’s called, “The Disease Paper”. Basically we pick a country in a region that was assigned to us, and then we find an outbreak of a disease that happened there in the past or currently. I got North/Central America. So I chose Haiti. Not to be rude, but I just figured with the earthquake earlier this year and the whole extreme poverty thing, it would be an easy one. And I was totally right. I found everything I needed in like half an hour of research and didn’t have to open ONE book. I love reading, but not “school reading”, where you get assigned some reading and it’s a fucking terrible story anyway. So I was pretty psyched about that.

I chose the disease cholera. There was a pretty recent outbreak of it so all the information would be fresh. I usually don’t try to pick the easy way out of school projects. In fact, EVERY school project I’ve ever done was about people and places no one even knew really existed. Who the HELL has ever heard of Bjorn Hrolffson? Fucking NOBODY, that’s who. And neither does the internet, apparently, because there were like TWO websites with any information about him, And those were limited anyway. So I guess only m 5th grade class will ever know who that dude was.

I wanted a break from these projects always stressing me out so I chose an easy one. And guess what? I didn’t hate it. I thought it was enthralling. And even more, I turned every single one of my assignments in a day early. And that’s just not me. This is really exciting to me, maybe I’ll actually like schoolwork now. I sure hope so. That would be most excellent.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Now, here’s my problem about this project, though. The whole point of it is to write an essay. And I suck at writing essays. I’ve never gotten an A on one in my entire life. Not from lack of trying and hard work, I assure you I did both. I just CANNOT for the life of me structure it. I don’t know what my issue is, I’ve been writing these essays my whole life. I just can’t seem to get it.

UPDATE: I had to remove the document from this post. I wouldn’t really mind if people wanted to use the information that I found but that would just get somebody in trouble, I think. Sorry. 😦


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